Thursday, 27 October 2016

Art for Split at Marg's Animals

As yous guys knows (or may not knows), Mommy and mes does special graphics for peoples who asks. Those that asks, we ask that a donation bes sent to Marg (at Marg's Animals) to help her takes care of all her pets. 
Right now Split has some abscesses (on her fanny) and wes knows Marg could use some help. 
If yous could donate (Marg has a PayPal donate button on her right sidebar) we would likes to thanks yous by creating a special graphic for yous!
Wes can brainstorm what yous would like (Purrhaps like this)

and gets it to yous as fast as wes can...
especially if yous needs Christmas Card graphics

emails us at


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Campaign Thursday! Its Slogan Time!!!

 Jingle #1

Jingle #2

Jingle #3

  Woo! Hoo!!! My job is just about over! Mes has had a GRRRReat time!

This week, mes gottes some great jingles from Da Tabbies of Trout Town and mes is bringing them too yous!
Wes is hoping to gets all the Pets to show thier Smoke and Joe Pride next  week!
Yous can checks out the Smake and Joe Campaign page on my blog if yous don't wants to makes your own.

There is loads of Gifs and badges and hats and water bottles! Yous can even posts today's gifs. All yous has to do is right click and choose Save Image as... then save them where ever yous wants before loading them onto your page.

Now yous can check out where the Donks Lives! Click on Marg's Animals Button to goes there!

The Tabbies who has been the driving force
And don't forgets Zoolatry! 
Ann is the bestest!!! With how bust wes been wes could not has done it without her!!!
(Thanks Ann!) 
Oh Yes! 
If yous wants some super coo Christmas stylings for your blog, makes sure yous contacts her NOW!!!

Halloween Kisses


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

6 Days Until the BIG Pumpkin Patch Reveal.......

Hi Guys!!!

Wes done for carving for this year! 
If yous did NOT gets your name carved on a pumpkin, alas, yous will has to wait until the next time.....
ITS 6 Days until the big patch reveal!!!


Scary Stuff!!!!
Halloween Kisses