Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Gang's All Here! (still!)

Daddy has a bad cold and can't comes and gets Cinnamon, Jo Jo and Kozmo. It looks like they will be here until AFTER wes moves next Friday.
Yes! Mes will shows your pictures...don't bugs mes!!!

First up! A Selfie of Cinnamon with her inside ball!!!

Next up, Kozmo UTB!!!
Kozmo does NOT like it when things change. He is finding Mommy's packing and moving of stuff furry disconcerting! Mes tells him, "Suck it up Princess!!!"
He is NOT amused!

Next up Jo Jo! It is so windy the seagulls is buffeted hither and yon! Watching their antics as they fly in the wind is fun! She was watching so hard, she would NOT looks at the camera!

Last is has been quite sad about Easy and Sammy and they came and singed me Bawdy angel songs...mes did not know they was allowed to does that, but they told mes that because mes the Cat From Hell, they could!
That makes mes HAPPY!!!!

Sammy, mes thinks yous should takes up the harp and Easy, your wing feathers Tickle!!

Oh Yes...
Wes pawticipating in the Cat on My head's Selfie Sunday Hop!
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Oh No! Mes just went there to does the link up and sweet Fiona has gone too! Mes hopes she can teach Easy and Sammy how to sings.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Goodbye Dearest Sammy!

Mes can't talks yet...the tears gets in the way....

Mes is sharing on Athena's Blog Hop
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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My Heart is Broken!

Mes is so furry sad. 
Mes sends Easy's Mommy and Daddy strength to bear their loss, all mes and Mommy's love and many many many kisses