Friday 23 June 2017



First, mes has a GIFT for yous!

Now --- Mes has some wonderful,  awesome, incredible, prodigious, stunning, and amazing news!!!!

Mes has fined the purrfect furrend for my Mommy!!!!!

It has tooked mes a long time as mes searched the WHOLE World to find the mostest specialest cat! 

Me finded MARVELOUS:

 And this is what wes knows about him:

Hi, my name is Marv (short for Marvelous). I am a very sweet 1 year old, male tabby. I know you are wondering why I am on this website with all the dogs. You see, my rescuer in Iran works tirelessly to save, rehabilitate, and heal all the poor dogs who have been maimed, abused and abandoned in Iran. If it were not for her and others like her, all these dogs who found kind adoptive families in Canada would have perished in horrible ways. She is so compassionate that when she came upon me at death's door suffering from respiratory problems, she rescued me as well. After some time at the vet I have recovered but might be prone to asthma. My rescuer has only one request in return for all she does for the dogs. She wants me to find a home in Canada too as she hasn't been able to find a home for me in Iran. So I am currently being boarded where I have a very small and barren space to live. I am a very friendly, kind and gentle boy who hopes a compassionate Canadian will have a little space left for an Iranian cat. I know there are many cats in Canada looking for homes as well but this is the special wish of my rescuer who has done so much for so many homeless dogs. I hope you will include me in your family. I am neutered and up to date on my vaccinations. My adoption fee is $100 which includes my neuter and vaccination costs as well as my flight to Canada.

Mes put him right in front of Mommy when she was looking to see where she should goes and looks for a new furrend this weekend!

Mommy sended a email (which mes dictated)--And in the middle of the night--Mommy gotted back the answer that Mommy is Marv's rescue angel!!!

Now mes has been visting Marv in Iran (of course mes checked him out before mes putted him in front of Mommy) and he is a little scared. And hes not too sure about the whole flying thing. But he is sure looking forward to getting his very own human! Mes told Marvelous he would have to put up with:
  • Having the house to himself for 9 hours a day (usually 4-5 days a week), BUT there is loads of sun puddles, excellent bird TV, human and cat beds and a comfy chair.
  • The best pet food, treats, toys and playtime.
  • Cuddling, pets, and brushing -- but only when (and if) he wants it. 
  • EXCELLENT healthcare (Dr. Chandra is best. Even mes liked him and mes usually bited vets). 
  • Animal and human visitors a few times a month (Sestra who owns Robert and Leona; Marv's new siblings-Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon; Ninja who owns our human brother and sometimes the 2 woofies who owns our human nephew). 
  • And he would have to  his picture taken loads, as he would be the star of his own blog and he could talks about the causes near and dear to his heart (Mes sure that would be Loved at Last Dog Rescue who saved him).

Mes does not knows when Marv will be arriving, but when mes does, yous my furrends will bes the first to knows! (after Mommy of course).
AND unlike mes...who enjoyed being the Cat From Hell...Marv is a REAL LIFE ANGEL!

Mes wonders if hes will likes the angel shirt mes gotted at Christmas time? 
In the meantime, knows that mes has been keeping my eye on all of yous guys and has been visiting yous in your dreams 
(Your humans can tells--as your feets twitch because mes LOVES to Dance!)


Monday 19 June 2017

Selfies on Tuesday

Hi guys! Kozmo here!
Mommy was on holidays for a week and she came and saw us on her way to Calgary for our human cousin Charles wedding. 
She stayed with our human brother Alex and Ninja for a few days before she came back to our paradise.

when she got back, she stayed at our house for 3 days!
 Me and Jo Jo have been catching all the Moles Voles and Mice that we can! And we have been doing a wonderful job!

look at the smile on Jo Jo's face! She is ahead in the body count!

Cinnamon was really happy too! 
She would not let Mommy out of her sight. She followed her EVERYWHERE!
She even tried to to get into the bathtub when Mommy was having a do I know? I was following Mommy everywhere too! 

Yeah...I AM a little miffed that Mommy had to go home.
Me and Jo Jo and Cinnamon are glad to see all you guys again!
I hope its not too long until the next time!