Sunday 27 March 2016

Selfie Easter Sunday

Hoppy Easter to Evefurrybody!

Mommy says mes the bestest Easter Basket ever!!!

Thursday 24 March 2016

Salmon and Art

Mes is eating better. Mes not been eating my special canned foods, canned tuna or the really expensive canned foods Mommy bued!!!
The last few nights Mommy has made mes cooked chick-hen breast with warm water. And mes been eating it. 

But tonight...mes having SALMON!!!! Real Salmon from some that Mommy cooked - just for mes!!!
Mommy also boughted mes some new crunchies that mes would not eats, she buyed mes some of the crunchies mes used to loves (before the ones mes quitted eating) and then she buyed mes some special "Made Local" salmon crunchies that has no grain...
mes been eating those a little.... 
It is warmer today and the rain is supposed to stops tonight, and wes supposed to has sun and warm!!!
Mes is not aching quite so much.

Mes was so sad to hear about what happened to the peoples in Belgium. 
This is similar to the picture wes did for France after the horrible things there.

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Just an ordinary evening at Casa Nellie

It has been raining (among other things) In Vancouver. And mes been achy and sleeping lots.
This was mes when Mommy gotted home from work today

 Usually mes jumps out of bed and runs over to meets her...then wes goes in the bedroom and mes has treats. 
Today...mes ignored her.

Mommy comed over and asked mes...
"Are you OK, Nellie Bellie??" 
"No Mommy, Mes furry sore....mes aches."
Then she picked mes up and we went into the bedroom.  She gived me my treats. And when she was changed, wes went out into the livingroom and sitted in Mommy's chair and cuddled, for a while. When the heating blanket was all warm, she gotted up and wrapped it around mes while she made my supper. 
Mes not been eatting...Mommy is worried, so mes knew it was going to bes tasty.

Mommy made mes chicken breast diced with warm water, mes has a bit if salad with it.

After eating the salad...mes yakked all over the rug....
Mommy was impressed!
(but she did NOT take pictures)

Sunday 20 March 2016

As Promised! They's Done!!

Auntie Jean will be thrilled!!! 
Lucky's pawtraits is finished!!!

Mes Double Lucky!!!! 

(Tee!! Hee!!)


Saturday 19 March 2016

Selfie and a Pawtrait (in the works)

Yes, Mommy is still barking like a dog! 

Speaking of is my cousin Lucky's Mommy's Birthday this week!
Mes never met Lucky...but Mommy tells mes hes cute and about the same size as Kozmo. Mes knows what he looks like though...Mommy has been painting not one, but 2 portraits of Lucky!!!

At Christmas, wes gived family 2.75"x2.75" pawtraits of their doggies, but wes did not has a picture of Lucky, so Mommy was supposed to does it after Christmas...that had not happened yet, until this week, when wes finded out it was my Auntie Jean's Birthday (Lucky's Mommy).

Mommy went into overdrive after work last night and after work this afternoon (yes Mommy had to goes down to work for half a day on Saturday!!!)
She started a 2.75"x2.75" of Lucky(the Christmas Present)

 And a 6"x6" 
 They is about 70% done. 
Mommy says they will be ready for Lucky's Mommy's Birthday tomorrow night. 
She would has worked until she finished them today, but she did not has any dark brown paint and needs some to finish. She will has to goes and gets it tomorrow morning.
Mes promises mes will post a picture of the finals.

Sunday (Tomorrow) is the fist day of SPRING!!! Mes wanted my first Spring official Selfie to has cherries blossoms in it (they is so pretty) and Mommy tooked a picture of some of the trees at work today just for mes to put behind my Spring Easy Selfie!!!
PS Speedy...the beddie yous gived mes is exactly the right shade of pink as the cherry blossoms!!! Thanks yous

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Mes hopes yous has a wonderful day!!!

Me was not too keen on it! Mommy had to bribe me with Niphitos to pawticipate!

Yes, mes will share with yous! Please help yourself!!!


Monday 14 March 2016


"Yous still sounds like a dog crossed with a pig!! "
"Yous barks and snuffles and spews gunk!!! "
"Mes thinks yous should spend the day in bed with me !!!"
(that would bes 3 in a row)

But would she listen!?!?!


Mes thinks mes lost my touch!

 Yous would listen to mes, wouldn't yous? 


Friday 11 March 2016

Caturday Art March 12

It is spring in Vancouver. The Cherry trees have transformed the city!

Nellie dreams she walks through the Cherry trees!


Wednesday 9 March 2016

Mes been Caught!

Mommy caught me!
Mes was on the computer about 10:30 this morning, when mes heard the front door unlock. It was too late for mes to hide...
But she ignored mes. She barked like a dog, blowed her nose and snuffles and moaned like some large wombat!
Then she collapsed in her chair, with the heating pad on and blanket, she just layed thair!
First...mes had to lays on her to makes sure she did nots get up. She was furry hot and moaned.
Then mes had to kiss her to makes sure that she knew she was well loved.
Then wes spended the rest of the afternoon watching Raiders of the Lost Art on TV for the afternoon. Mes even insisted she makes herself some chicken noodle soup (and refill my food dishes).
Mes is going to puts her to beds early tonight an lays on her to makes sure that she gets better!

What does yous do when your person is sick?


PS Mommy here...Though Jean (Shoko and Callie's Mommy) was ill, I have been fighting getting it for about 3 weeks. The flu has been going around our office and one of my cube mates has been snuffling, snorting and coughing with it for over 6 weeks. The combination of the travel to pick up and take back Cinnamon, working through the weekend to catch up, not enough sleep and stress ran me right down.   Me bad. :)

Monday 7 March 2016

The Grrl Furrends Have Afternoon Tea

Mes and my grrl furrend Katie Isabella finally gots together for tea....Its been a long time since wes had such a great chin wag.
Mes thinks all the man cats ears must have been burning!
Kisses (and never tells - except to Katie)
Nellie Bellie

Saturday 5 March 2016

Selfie Sunday

Has a great cuddly Sunday! 
Mes will, Cinnamon went home and mes has Mommy all to myself!!!


Thursday 3 March 2016

The Queen's Audience!

Mes had a busy day yesterday! 
While Mommy was at work, mes had to clean the house...
Why yous asks?

Does yous know the Canadian Cats Kali and Shoko?

Nellie...quit asking Questions and gives us some ANSWERS!!!!
Well, they live in Prince George, BC, and when they were coming home from holiday (where they visited Bacon's pawrents) they were stopping in Vancouver and they wanted to come and has a audience!!!
Well, of course mes said YES!!! Mes LOVES visitors! 
Here is a picture of mes hugging Jean
Cinnamon was the purrfect hostess and insisted that they throw her ball a zillion times. They bringed mes some of my favorite treats and mes had a swag bag of some of the cat toys full of nip that Mommy crochets for Kali and Shoko (Mes hopes they likes them...they is Nellie approved).
 After, Mommy went out for dinner with them. Mes needed a nap!


Tuesday 1 March 2016

Wedding Bells?

Now onto the good stuff!!!!
Mes is totally gobsmacked!!!
Mes was reading my good furrends Merlin and Layla's blog (Cat Wisdom 101) and Merlin hinted that it was Leap Year and Mes should propose to him!!! 

Mes never ever thought about being married! 
Mes a lady cat who LOVES the man cats....

 But wes both getting on.
Merlin is 21 and in 75 days, mes will bes 18. That is a lot of cat years.

Mes has asked him to marry me, but that does not mean mes does not has love in my heart for my special fruurend Speedy.
Then there is  Spitty (the Kitty)
The ever Debonair Austin
And my bestest good, cuddle furrend Flynn!

As well as all the other cats mes LOVES to cuddle with!

Mes is expecting to keeps flirting though...
Do yous think that would makes Merlin jealous?  


PS Merlin, will yous marry mes?