Wednesday 9 March 2016

Mes been Caught!

Mommy caught me!
Mes was on the computer about 10:30 this morning, when mes heard the front door unlock. It was too late for mes to hide...
But she ignored mes. She barked like a dog, blowed her nose and snuffles and moaned like some large wombat!
Then she collapsed in her chair, with the heating pad on and blanket, she just layed thair!
First...mes had to lays on her to makes sure she did nots get up. She was furry hot and moaned.
Then mes had to kiss her to makes sure that she knew she was well loved.
Then wes spended the rest of the afternoon watching Raiders of the Lost Art on TV for the afternoon. Mes even insisted she makes herself some chicken noodle soup (and refill my food dishes).
Mes is going to puts her to beds early tonight an lays on her to makes sure that she gets better!

What does yous do when your person is sick?


PS Mommy here...Though Jean (Shoko and Callie's Mommy) was ill, I have been fighting getting it for about 3 weeks. The flu has been going around our office and one of my cube mates has been snuffling, snorting and coughing with it for over 6 weeks. The combination of the travel to pick up and take back Cinnamon, working through the weekend to catch up, not enough sleep and stress ran me right down.   Me bad. :)


  1. I usually spend a lot of time with my human when she's not well. I consider it therapy cat practice.

  2. Nellie, what a good nurse you are. We sure hope your mommy gets well super fast. We all take turns nursing when one of our humans get sick. We curl up with them to make certain they stay warm and in bed. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. You are such a sweetie to take care of your Mom. I hope she feels better soon.

  4. hope your mum feels better soon Nellie,I just love to snuggle with mum when she's poorly but lucky for me she doesn't get sick.I think she has on'y been sick once or twice,xx Speedy

  5. We sit on our meowmy:)) And our purrs massage her to sleep...

    Get well soon!!
    Nellie you are a good kitty nurse!

  6. UT OH....your Mommy has the human creeping crud! It's going around I'm afraid - you know how humans get these awful flu things and then they need us to take care of them! At least you're purrrpared to do that - I see you keeping your Mommy nice and warm! I hope she feels better REAL soon Nurse Nellie!

    Love, Sammy

  7. Oh sweet Nellie Bellie, you are just the most purrfect nurse kitty for your mommy!! Me and The Staff are sending healing purrs and hugs for mommy and I send my bestest smoochies for you xoxoxoxox

  8. We snuggle up to Mom or Dad if they don't feel well. When Dad was going through his cancer treatments we ALL slept on him and watched over him.

    You're a great nurse so we know you will get your Mom healthy again quickly.

    The Florida Furkids

  9. You clearly take such good care of your Mom. We are very proud of you.

  10. My question to you: did your Mom give the cold to Shoko's Mom or vice versa? Be careful she doesn't give it to you cos cats can catch flu from their peeps. Sending healing purrz either way.

  11. well ferst we walk all over her to make sure she is not lumpy. Then if she's HOT we lay on her to make sure she stays HOT. if she's COLD we lay on the other side of the bed. Really, who wants to lay on a cold human? Then we make sure that she gets up every 10 minutes to feed us or something. She has to keep walking around or else if she lays around too long she will get dizzy and fall over when she stands up.

    we thinks you is a better nurse than us.

  12. Peep #1 hasn't had a cold or anything in like... three years or something so to be honest, I don't remember how I looked after her when she was last sick. But not to worry. What you're doing for your mum sounds like EXCELLENT advice so I've written it all down and now, if the peep does get sick, I will know exactly what to do. Thank you!


    PS. Please give your mum some extra healing purrs from me. purrs

  13. nellie...CHICKN soop ???....ya can bet yur momz gonna bee hurlin now

    tell her ta wrap perch round her head ~~~ her will feel 100 purr cent better, look total lee stylish, smell grate AND haza handee snax close by

    { fotoz two iz price lezz bye de way }

  14. We hope your Mom feels all better soon and you are as adorable as ever sweet Nellie!

  15. I lie on my mum too if she isn't feeling well. I hope your mum soon feels better. She is lucky to have you to nurse her and give her kisses.

  16. You sure took good care of your mom, Nellie.

  17. Nellie, one kiss from you should cure just about anything! Merlin sends his ancient meezer magic.

  18. Nellie, we are sad that Mommy is sick. You are doing a great job of being a nurse for her. That's what we would do, too. Purrs and prayers for quick healing for Mommy!

  19. You are a good nurse, Nellie. This is exactly what your mom needs right now :) Healing Pawkisses to get better soon :) <3

  20. Oh we are so glad that you have a new blog Nellie and we are also so sorry that Mommy is so sick. Glad you are taking such good care of her. We sure send lots of purrs to Mommy. What fun to see you again Nellie. We are very excited.

  21. So sorry Mommy is suffering from the rotten human flu. Your nursing will bring her around quickly.

  22. We hope your Mom feels better Nellie and you sure are being a good nurse.
    Sorry we have been MIA, we blame Mom, we do that because we can, AND it's the truth.

  23. Dear Nellie, seeing your mommy with her small smile there after that precious Nurse Nellie kissie was a treat to we kitties out here. You take good care of her. I know you will and if you need help, you have only to tell me and I'll fly through my tunnel at warp speed. After we get her settled, we'll have a cuppa. Then we'll be ready for second shift. I hope she gets all better soon and make sure she takes her medicine or use the pill shooter on her to get the aspirin down if you have to. There's always a blankie to make her into a burrito if she gets too feisty!

    Use the MeowPhone of you need me. Number is the same.

  24. nellie...N yes pleez we wood all lovez ewe ta bee cam pane managers for smoke & joez electionz !! we iz thinkin oh geerin stuff up full swing in may bee septemburr.....what cha say !!!

    heerz two a crevice kelpfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  25. Poor Mommy. When she feels better I wonder if she will remember seeing you at the computer...
    Hope she feels better soon and you don't have to resort to Katie's pill shooter...


  26. Egad....your mom crumbled with the flu!! I don't think it was mom as she had a flu. Still. the flu is worse than a cold. You are so good to your mom Nellie. She will be good as new before long.

    Loves ya,



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