Monday 11 December 2017

Comments are off

Dearest Furrends

Mes has had to disable comments on my purrsonal blog!
Mes will turn them on if mes needs to speaks from here, but Marvelous does not mind mes using his Mes does not think that will happens furry often.

The biggest problem is the interweb has a flaw which has enshrined the ability for total anonymity. 
Yous can makes comments anonymously. 
Gos to a webpage anonymously. 
With a little effort, send email anonymously. 

For years, being anonymous on the interweb outweighed its drawbacks. 
Peoples felt more free to express themselves!
Tthis is ok if they was dissidents or hiding a personal secret. 
This was celebrated in the famous 1993 New Yorker cartoon, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”
Now the problem is nobody can tell if you’re a troll. 
Or a hacker. 
Or a bot. 
Or a Cat publishing a story that came out of imagination.

There are many articles about the benefits and the drawbacks to Anonymity but mes just does not need all the grief that ANONYMOUS gives mes!

Knows that mes Nellie Bellie LOVES yous to bits!


If yous wants to comments about this...please goes to Marv's Blog (there is a link on the sidebar to gets there)