Thursday 30 June 2016

Happy Canada Day!

Today, mes and my furrend Bruce is going to watch the northern lights, drinks some beers.
And yes, wes will NOT bes driving!

Has a GREAT DAY!!!

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Smoke and Joe Thursday! This week Battle Creek, MI

Wow! This week mes going to visits Pipo, Minko and Mr. Jack Freckles in Battle Creek, MI. for the Smoke and Joe Campaign! 

 Click to go to their Blog, Meezer's Mews and Freckles

Yous knows who Smoke and Joe is..They lives with Marg and they is running for President and Vice President! (Click to go to Marg's Animals)

Now mes been furrends with Mr. Jack Freckles forever and more recently his fur siblings Pipo and Minko, but mes  had NO IDEA where Battle Creek really was. 

So, mes looked it up in Google!

They lives surrounded but Great Lakes! Mes had no idea what to expect...
Mes DID knows me would be there in the middle of the Battle Creek Field of Flight and Air Show Festival!!!

 Yous knows what that means?

Mes bringed the NEW Smoke and Joe Balloon!!!!

When mes gotted to Battle Creek, mes was meeted by Mr Jack Freckles. Pipo, Minko, the sign team and one of Foozie's Mum's Sheep! 
Yes, one of their sheep stowed away and comed to Battle Creek to helps with Smoke and Joe's Campaign!!!
Mes thinks that is TOTALLY pawsome. Especially since Sheila (the Sheep) is a ballon pilot and will bes taking the balloon everywhere!

They even was at a street pawty and telled everybody about Joe and Smoke.

They had been out and about and pretty much had the whole town blanketed in signs and that meant wes could concentrate on the Ballon Race!

Mr Jack Freckles is a pawsome pilot and his co-pilots Pipo and Minko kept mes entertained with Meezer Jokes while wes gotted ready to play Fox and Hares! Sheila the Sheep was happy to take a break and she and Smoke and Joe went off to has some grass!

In the race, wes was way ahead of everyone and guys...wes winned!!!
Another victory for Smoke and Joe!!!
Yes that picture is of the landscape around Battle Creek! Who knew they had such big cliffs!!!

Thanks guys, mes has not ever had so much fun and it was ever so wonderful to spends time with yous guys! Mes can't wait to visits again!

Whew! Mes gots to makes it home in time for 

Here is everybody who is helping Smoke and Joe get to the White House!
Marg's Animals (where Smoke and Joe lives)
Zoolatry (Ann does the bestest graphics)
and, if yous wants any or all of the campaigning gear for your blog (including Zoolatrys graphics) , check out the Smoke and Joe page in my Blog!!!

Finally we are sad we send #1 and The Poupounette all our love

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Wordless Wednesday June 29th

Yous knows mes is talking to yous...
Mes LOVES yous to bits!
Loads of Kisses

Monday 27 June 2016

Thoughtful Tuesday!

Mes has been thinking about us cats and mes come up with some great stuff!!!
The QUESTION is at the top of the picture and the answer is after 
(gosh mes misses the slideshow widget in Wordpress)

 Cats rule, but not by much! There are about 105.6 million cats compared to about 91.3 million dogs in the US and Canada.
Us cats live about 14-16 years so plan on taking care of us for a LONG time!

Us cats has floating collar bones, that means our heads is about the largest part of our bodies (though our tummies can get bigger). So, if our head fits through a tight space, usually the rest of us will too!! Ask Mommy about the sun roof in the car.....

b-810 years!
Wes catnaps about 12 to 16 hours a day! Like peoples we has 3 different types of sleep and during REM sleep, yous can see our whiskers twitch, or ears and eyes and legs move!!!!


Like dogs, chocolate is toxic to us cats!!!
It can cause heart problems, increase blood pressure, and cause seizures! 
Mes sticking to cat treats (right now mt purrsonal favorite is freeze dried salmon!)

Just like peoples and dogs and horses, wes can bes lefties or righties (mes a rightie)
Some research peoples watched us and which paw wes reached for our food (or toys) with!
About half (50%) reached with their right, 40% with their left and 10% is anbidexterous!!!

The LAST Question!!!

Nope! Meowing is what we use to talks to humans. We talks to each other with purrs, hisses, screeches and shrieking!!! We also use body language, and sent things and wes even been known to bes like our wild relatives and scratch wood (Mes prefers sofas.....)

And those are my thoughts for the day. Does yous have a cat fact mes did not talks about that yous would like to share? Inquiring minds like to knows!!!


 Mommy has mad a zillion pin cushions (ahem...only 5). 
This one is supposed to bes of me! 

Saturday 25 June 2016

Easy Selfie Sunday and Babies!

First off, mes had trouble getting out of bed this morning.

When Mommy gotted up, mes stayed in bed. 
Mommy comed back in the bedroom at least ellebnty billion times because she wanted to makes the bed before she went to buys my cat food and litter.
She finally left. 

This is what mes was doing when she gotted back.

OH! OH! OH!!
Mommy saw what mes saw yesterday!!!

If yous looks closely there is 2 little heads in there! 

Their Mommy was watching my Mommy while my Mommy was watching for their little heads to pop over the side of the nest.
So far, they is actually furry quiet. Mommy and Daddy has been flying back and forth all day and keeping mes awake watching all the action!
(Which is why mes did NOT want to gets up this morning).

Mes pawticipating in the Cat on My Head's Selfie Sunday, Click to see all the other wonderful selfies!!!


Friday 24 June 2016

Artsy Caturday June 25

Can you believes it is 6 months until Christmas?
Mes is starting my Christmas list! 
What does yous thinks mes should ask for??
And for those of yous who came to see my artsy picture....
Here is what we started with
Mes is watching the  swallows and waiting for their babies to sure takes a long time...
And here is our super simple art

Wes just bumped the brightness and the contrast by 39 in Photoshop. Then wes  cutted mes out of the background and then wes applied the Cutout Filter to the 2 layers!

Simple but mes likes it!

Wes is pawticipating in Athena's Artsy Caturday. 


Wednesday 22 June 2016

The Smoke and Joe Campaign in Washington DC (with Sammy)

This week, mes is in Washington DC! 
And mes with my bestest Man Cat Furrend Sammy (of One Spoiled Cat)
We arrived early on my Motorcycle (our Helmuts in in the boot)

We was met by the local Smoke and Joe Campaign Rep, who tooked us to the headquarters.

Where wes gotted on the campaign bus to see the Washington campaign sights and happenings.
First stop...catnip tea to goes!

And the cats at the Coffee Shop was prepared for us!

 Then wes went on a tour with the bus!

Wes had a great time! with all our furrends!

Even the humans was out to show their support!

 And finally we met Smoke and Joe's secret service guys installing a sign at the Whitehouse!

Sammy Thanks for setting it all up!
Yous is the bestest!

Oh Yes!!! Wes gots a bunch of new graphics yous can download. This week wes gots cats and dogs with signs!!!!
And if yous would like us to come and visit yous next week, please let us know!!

Monday 20 June 2016

Tuesday Mewsings

As yous guys knows, mes is a senior cat. Mes has different needs from a younger cat. 

Senior Cat
Mes wanted to shares some things about us oldsters

Mommy gives mes soft and warm spots. 
Mes used to prefers to sleeps on the floor, but now, if mes sleeps there, mes gets awfully sore. Mommy has nice soft warm spots made up for mes in all kinds of places. Besides my heated cubby (which needs to be replaced before winter). Mes has a heated blanket on the sofa, an cuddly bed on the bed (thanks yous Speedy) and a fuzzy soft furry blanket under the bed. There is a soft flat furry bed under the cat tree, and a box on its side with a blanket inside, inside the closet. Yes...mes sometimes does sleeps on the floor--STILL, but now that Mommy has put some flat warm blankets on the floor, mes prefers to sleeps on them.

Mommy gives mes a lift. 
Even though mes can't see as good as mes used to, mes still likes to sit on the top of the cat tree and looks out the window, but mes can't gets up there without help. Mommy puts a board from the tree to the sofa so mes can gets there by myself when she is not home. And sometimes, Mommy knows mes wants up-- to some places (like the counter and she lifts mes up and down.

Mommy is gentle with mes. 
When mes was young, mes could jump from the floor to the top of the fridge and then back down without any problems.  Now mes old, mes hurts, mes sometimes mes has trouble jumping from the floor to the sofa and back down. When me did bad things before, Mes might get pushed off of a lap, but now, Mommy knows this hurts and she is furry careful with mes. Mommy picks me up and puts me down gently as sometimes just landing on the floor from the sofa can hurts.

Mommy enjoys every minute with me.
Me is a well-cared-for cat and mes has lived into my late teens and my Merlin lived even longer! Our humans did not distance themselves because they was thinking we might die soon and did not want to gets hurt from us dying, they KNOWS everything will die (eventually) and has loved us lots and lots, as long as we’s alive. If yous has fears around death, please work on those so that yous can loves your cat until the furry end. Wes loves yous unconditionally.

If yous is a senior, what does your Mommy and Daddy does special? 


Saturday 18 June 2016

Selfie Sunday

Mes was having my easy. 
And Mommy tooked my picture.
mes liked it so mes using it for Selfie Sunday!

Mes hopes yous having better weather than wes been having! It has been cold and wet here and mes has been enjoying my bed (even though it does not has a heater anymore).

Come ON SUN!!!!


Friday 17 June 2016

Artsy Caturday Study in Cosmic Latte!

Yes! Its Artsy Caturday and one of my favorite days of the week.
Mes had Mommy take a picture of me in our chair.

Mes thought it was kind of Bla.  So when wes resized it in Photoshop 
Mes had Mommy add a nice Tuscan Coffee & Cream filter then wes used hue and saturation to kick it back  to Cosmic Latte. And the wes added a some small paint daubs.

Its so Mes!!!!

But wes did NOT STOP!!!

Mommy went  and did a whole bunch more filtering and then dumped it into Luna Pics and added a whole bunch of things that wes can't remember....

Mes likes it!!! It kind of looks like Caligraphy!!!