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Nellie is an old Cat. She is in her 18th year and will be (I think) 19 in May. She has been feeling rather poorly since mid-December 2016. Nellie HATES the vet. She turns into the hellion of her youth and she has bitten a few people while there.
I took her to a local vet (the same one I have taken Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon to--I like him very much, as have the "kids").
She lived up to her reputation as THE CAT FROM HELL. She had to be sedated to have blood taken, so the vet did a full workup. She is in good shape, weight wise and for most of her numbers, but her kidneys are failing and it only a matter of time....
She has been prescribed medication which I mix with her food twice a day. The vet told me it could be 6 days, six weeks or 6 months, but I should be prepared. I have gone through this ordeal with previous cats. The vet and I discussed a number of options, and for myself, I am more concerned about the quality of Nellie's life.
Taking her to the vet is too distressing for Nellie. If a next visit is required, it will only be done as a last resort.

I started the Gifts on January 2, 2017 
It is my way of honoring Nellie and her remaining time
One Day A Time

After all, each day is a gift, that is why we call it the present.
Me and Goose after he went to the bridge
Gift #1

Me thinking about Easy
Gift #2

Old Lady riding a Harley
Gift #3

The Cat From Hell
Gift #4

Mine says, Wit & Wisdom of the Cat From Hell!
Gift #5
And if they still don't smile, yack in their shoe
Gift #6

Dancing with the feet is one thing, dancing with the heart, another
Gift #7

Sometimes mes pretends to be normal, but its boring....
Gift #8

Mes LOVES my furrends!
Gift #9

Pooh is almost as wise as the Dali Lama!
Gift #10

And yous makes my eyes twinkle!
Gift #11

Mes is filled with love!
Gift #12

And mes loves Road Trips!!!
Gift #13

Martin Luther King Day a special gift from Cody at Cat Chat With Caren and Cody

Martin Luther King Day

Cody is my oldest Blogging furrend!!!
Gift #14

Yous can't change the world, only yourself!
Gift #15

Blissful thinking makes yous happy!
Gift #16
Flashback to the Caturday Art Quotes Series (on the Cat From Hell)
Gift #17
Gift #18

Gift #19

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Gift  24