Wednesday 26 July 2017


Mes and my bestest Grrl Furrend Admiral Hestorb was laying on a cloud talking. Mes has finded Mommy a new cat and he will finally bes arriving from Iran next week.
Mes thought purrhaps he should takes over my blog, but what if mes wants to post once in a while and Admiral said, "Why don't you gets your Mommy to make him a brand new blog, like I did with my Mommy when I found her Katie Isabella. That way, if you have something to say, you can post it on YOUR blog!"
Admiral is just the bestest!

Painting by Joy Campbell

So that is what mes did!
Marvelous is Marvelous is NOW open! Mes will try to gets Mommy to posts some updates, but right now she is furry busy at work (they has a new software release coming up) and LOADS of company will be visiting over the next couple of weeks. Ninja arrives the same day as Marvelous for 2 weeks and Jo Jo, Kosmo and the hairy slobbery sister is arriving 2 or 3 days later to stay for a month while Daddy goes on vacation!
Mes promises to bugs Mommy to post a few things though.

If you want to see more art by Joy, please click this link

Friday 14 July 2017


Dear Furrends,

Mes is pawticipating in Athena's Artsy Caturday Blog Hop!
Please click her badge to sees all the other pawticipants!!!
 My entry is a picture of mes at the Rainbow Bridge!

Mes is enjoying life OTB.
Now mes loves reading your blogs and visiting my many furrends in their dreams, but lately
too many furrends has arrived recently!

Ellie at Friends FurEver

Mes is happy they is here and wes all healthy and young, but mes sad for their pawrents and siblings.
Yous can click on their badges to goes to their sites.
Now mes wants to shares what mes made Mommy's do!
You guys all knows that 2 of my bestest Man Cat furrends FOREVER, has been Eric and Flynn! 
As a matter of fact, mes and Mommy readed their blog for a long time before mes figured that mes could blog too. Over the years wes had MANY (virtual) Visits and Mouse Hunts and Snuggles 
and wes been doing that here OTB!

Mommy wanted to paints a picture of Flynn last summer when she started painting the portraits on my paintings page but mes said wes should wait. 
And we did. 
When mes came over the bridge Flynn came a short while after and mes started to bugs Mommy to paints a dual portrait!
Well she finally did!

Their Mommy and Daddy gotted the picture today!
And they has posted about it for Artsy Caturday!

Some peoples and cats and dogs has been asking about Marv!
Mommy does not have him at home --- yet!
Its is summer and he has to wait for somebody to bring him from Iran to Vancouver. 
When he arrives, mes will lets yous knows!!!

Now PLEASE excuse mes...Eric and Flynn and GJ and Sammy and Mes is going out DANCING!!!

Saturday 1 July 2017

Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada's 150th Birthday!

Marvelous is still waiting for his looooong flight from Iran to Vancouver, so mes conscripted gots NINJA to bes the STAR today!
AND Last but not least, mes going to leaves yous with these wonderful images of our home and native land!

PS. From the 2017 comedy: Your Special Canada, starring Jonathan Torrens, airing Canada Day, July 1