Saturday 31 December 2016

Happy New Years Selfie!

What? Mes should wakes up? 
It's New Year's Day!  

What did mes want for New Years 2017?
Well to makes it to New Years  for one thing, and mes did that...
and for another....

Mes wants a Cabana boy to mix mes Niptinis!!!
Guess who mes gotted...

My OLDEST blogging furrend -- CODY!! (of Cat Chat with Caren & Cody).  Mes LOVES Cody!!!
Mes so furry happy to has such wonderful furrends who worries about mes and my health.

Mes had a good day yesterday. 
My pain meds help lots and  mes has been taking my kidney medication. 
The Doctor says mes has 6 days or 6 weeks or 6 months but mes pretty feisty...
mes might make 6 years!!! 
After All, mes is 

The Cat From Hell!

& Mes

Queen Penelope!!!

now mes pawticipating in the Cat On My Head's Selfie Sunday!

Here is my Selfie (this Kisses)

Mes also wants to
for your purrayers...
can yous please keeps them going? Mes is better (but mes is still pretty sick).

New Years Eve Party?

Mommy says my New Years is cancelled!

Mes been sick and Mommy tooked mes to the stabby place. Frankly, mes was feel so awful, mes did not sings the song of our peoples on the way there. Mes did NOT sing, until the Doctor tried to touch me - then kitties, mes turned int THE CAT FROM HELL!!!
Because mes needs sub-q fluids, a full workup and my bloods taken, the Doctor decided mes would need a shot to knocks mes out. 
Mommy holded mes and ....
mes BITTED Mommy!!! 
Mes made her bleed!!!
Then mes drifted off.....
Mes saw pink clouds...
Hissy Old Licorice! My hairy slobbery sisters Sam, Bob and Kokanee!
Sammy was there!
So was Goose and Easy! And ERIC!!!
They all told mes it was not my time ... yet wes had a great visit!!!
Then...mes started to comes back.
Mes could not walk! Mes could not talk and mes could not even feel my toes!
This morning, mes waked up feel kind of cruddy and mes had my neck furs stolen!!
Mes will shows yous some pictures tomorrow of mes feeling better, 
BUT if yous would likes to puts mes into your pawty, here is some cutouts (PNG) of glorious mes!!!!
Mes dancing png (right click and Save As)

 Mes sitting 
mes laughing!!
Please lets mes knows and Monday mes will posts pictures from your blogs (or facebook) of the places mes gotted to goes!!!

Thanks yous for all your Purrayers!!! 
Mes is feeling much better now!
Your Nellie Bellie

Wednesday 28 December 2016

Candles for Easy!

From the moment mes first readed Easy's Blog, mes was smitten. He was the doggie version of mes! Mes loved his antics (and mes must say, mes loved his pawrents antics too). 
Mes loved that Easy would dig holes to the otherside of the world! And that he tore stuffies to shreds!
Even though Easy hated cats (in real life) he did let mes come to visit (a couple of times). He was a most gracious host when mes had my Run Away World Tour (when Jo Jo comed to lives with us in Midway).
Mes will miss Easy and mes hopes that him and Goose is getting into Wiem mischief over the bridge!!!
Mes will loves yous forever!!
This post is linked to Dory’s Backyard where you can find the linky tool to enter your post for Easy today.   Thanks to Dory for hosting this special Hop!

Wordless (and fuzzy and reflected) Wednesday!

Turn the flash off, there is a big shiney ball on the glass!

What do you mean I'm in the wrong position! And Mes can sees YOUS in the reflection!

This will has to do! Yous needs Photography lessons

Hover over the pictures to see what Nellie is saying!
AND MES WAS RIGHT!!! 2 Weeks in a Row!!

Monday 26 December 2016

Purrfect Christmas!!

This is mes on Christmas Day!
mes in my cubby bed on the sofa.

In it is my heating pad and on top of the heating pad is my quilt from Ms. Stella.
Mes was thinking of her the other day as it was the anniverary of her passing and mes asked Mommy if mes could has it in my heated bed.
The Joy is for my Gramma Joy. She passed in 2000 and mes loved her to bits when mes was little.
Mes had a quiet day, until Mommy came back from my Auntie Laurie and Uncle Fred's house. They was supposed to goes away to Australia for  Christmas, but Auntie Laurie fell and broke her ankle, so they had to stay home. Poor Auntie Laurie has to have surgury and feels awful and has not felt like eating. But when Mommy tooked over the turkey and stuffing and potatoes and brocolli and carrots and blueberry pie and turned it into a Christmas feast, Auntie Laurie said the smells were so good she was hungry and actually ate a real meal.
Mommy bringed home leftovers (and the liver that she cooked for mes).
Mes is One Happy Cat!!!
Now mes looking forward to New Year!

Does yous have plans?


Saturday 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

When Santa gets home from his duties...
Wes dancing around the Christmas Tree!!!!
All Mes want for Christmas is you, my dears. 
May we celebrate this holiday together holding each other’s paw year after year. 
Merry Christmas my loves!

Wednesday 21 December 2016

The Tabby's Thankful Thursday!

Yes! Jo Jo's Thankful!
She shredded my carrier in the truck. She did NOT want to bes in it!
And when Daddy opened the truck door when they gotted to Midway...
She started dancing!!!

 Mes KNOWS she will has a HAPPY Christmas!!


Wordless Wednsday

Only 4 more sleeps!!!

PS, Nellie did not guess Where in the World the picture was from but she did get this wonderful Greenie!!!

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Tuxie Tuesday

This is my last Tuxie Tuesday for awhile. We are on our way back to Midway with Daddy.
Although we had a great time with Mommy in Vancouver, we missed our yard! Daddy tells me that the house is overrun with mice and that sounds like it could be pawsome hunting!
I know I will be having a great time when I get back!
I will miss Nellie though. I love her a lot and I have been spending a lot of time with her while we were with Mommy. 
Now I am going to leave you with MY Christmas Card as it is only 5 days until SANTA comes...

 Oh is the picture of me that went on the card! 
I have been LOVING playing on the stairs at Nellie's new Palace.

Happy Holidays everybody!!!

Monday 19 December 2016

Yes it is MoanDay! Only 6 Days until Santa Paws!!

Wowwzer! My time does fly!
Wes had more Snowmageddon in Vancouver, and once again the cities and the drivers was not prepared.
Daddy is still at my new palace. The roads is too bad for him to gets back, especially with this new snow.
Mommy is quite stressed. Between her foot, work being furry busy and all kinds of things that is not getting done because wes gots company she is grinding her teeths when she sleeps....mes hates that!!! But mes knows things will works out in the end. Wes did gets our tree up on Caturday! No train yet...wes gots to puts it on the floor in the new castle and that is difficult with a rambunctious hairy slobbery sister.

Mes will leaves yous with a wonderful picture of mes!

Wednesday 14 December 2016

A New Life Form!

Now mes must admits that Mommy has been slacking off on the cleaning chores at the new palace. Mes will forgives her as there has been a bed to be put together, the place is littered with half unpacked (and some not even opened) boxes.
Mes has insisted that my breakfast be delivered in the proper dishes with warm water on the soft foods at the appropriate time and that my litter box bes scooped.
However last night mes was down on the sofa with Mommy while wes talked to Daddy (who was in my living room) and that is when mes saw this!!!
That dust bunny is totally unacceptable!!!
When mes pointed out to Mommy, she told mes the brooms, dust mops and vacuum cleaner were still at the Apartment in the Sky! Mes watched it suspiciously and then mes saw it WINK at mes!!!
Did yous know dust bunnies is alive!?!?
Purrhaps Jo Jo is NOT a cat, but a dust bunny...that would explain a lot!
Now excuse mes, mes gots to gets her out of the kitchen cupboard....

Breaking news!!! Mes was not first, but mes was right!!! Mes DID get a "Where in the World is This?"" over at One Spoiled Cat!!!
Thanks Sammy and Mommy!!!

Monday 12 December 2016

The Tuxie Talks!!!

Hi Everybody!!!
It looks like Daddy is coming to get us this week. Mommy had a run in with Cinnamon and some ice at noon on Monday and her ankle went one way and Mommy went the other. Right now she has it up with ice on it. If it still bugs her tomorrow, she is going to the doctor. 
Looking at it, I think a Dr visit is in the books.

You know, Selfie Sunday has been around a long time...I wanted to pawticipate this week, but with the antics with the bed, Mommy never got around to helping us do selfies, so I thought I would have a try...gosh, Summer makes it look so easy, but its not!
Before we leave and go back to Midway, I thought I would help out Nellie and take a whole bunch of pictures of the new townhouse (she does NOT like all the stairs and prefers to be carried up and down).
First off is a picture of Nellie,  she is on her heating pad, on a pillow outside of the bedroom while Mommy was making the bed.

This is THE BED - partway through being put together on Sunday.

This is the view out the window by the bed
 That tree had some really good bird TV, too bad it was so cold, Mommy kept the blinds closed.

This is the bathroom that is i the bedroom. It has Nellie's water, food and litter box.

This is the deflating bed in the Sub-Presidential Suite!!!
I LIKE this room! There is a little cat tree by the window.

When you come down the stairs from the top floor, you see the eating room.
Right now there are boxes and not a whole lot of eating.

This is the view out the doors and windows in the eating room.

This is looking into the kitchen from the eating room. 
Right now all you can see in the kitchen is boxes so I did not take a picture.

Walking towards the front is the Living Room!

And Jo Jo made a nest of the sofa between me taking the first picture and going upstairs and when I came back down to write this post!!!

This is my favorite part..the CAT TREE and my toys! 
Usually Mommy keeps the blinds open for me.

And this is the view from the deck!

I hope you liked my little tour of the place where Mommy and Nellie live in Richmond, BC. 
I am kind of sorry that Mommy got hurt and is having trouble with all the stairs and taking Cinnamon up and down and out for walks. 
I know if it was just us cats, we would take excellent care of Mommy. 
I hope Mommy and Nellie take some more pictures of us before we leave and share them with you over the next few weeks before Christmas!
Your Pal