Wednesday 7 December 2016

The Big Day is Friday!

Mes has been trying to gets a picture of Mommy stressing....
but mes hasn't, BUT mes did find this and this poor Star Trek guys looks just like Mommy!

Why" Yous asks.

Wes lives in Vancouver. They has not had more than a skiff of snow in the last 1000 days and when it snowed on Tuesday...well...lets just say it was NOT pretty.
It tooked Mommy and Cinnamon 2 and a half hours to gets home from work (it usually takes 1/2 hour).  Oh Yes, Cinnamon goes to work with Mommy everyday! She LOVES all the attention and pets and the peoples at Mommy's work loves to comes and visits Cinnie! They all comes for hugs and kisses. Cinnie loves everybody. 

Almost everything wes owns is in those boxes

Mommy tooked the plants over on the weekend - she's happy about that.
Now here is us supervising...
First Kozmo - hes awful persnickity about what Mommy puts in which box...

Jo Jo is hoping if she closes her eyes that all the mayhem will stop and goes away!!!

 An then Beauteous MES!!! Mes is insisting that Mommy stops, sits down and cuddles mes!!!

It gets cold in our apartment with the wind blowing, mes wants BODY HEAT!!!

Oh, and mes thought mes would include a picture of the front of our new Townhouse! 


Mes will posts our pictures of it when wes moves in!!!


  1. I love your townhouse, at least from the outside! I don't know what I'm going to think of the snow - my human has been in it before, but it has been many years since she's driven in it! Although she is not planning on driving much, we will have a rental car. We'll be in Vancouver from Monday night through Saturday and we are very excited!

  2. Nellie, we think you are going to love that new den once you get there, it looks furtastic!

    Our uncle, (petcretary's brother)lives in North Vancouver with his furmily, we bet he will love all that snow...not.
    Neither will petcretary's furend who lives in Burnaby.
    They should be used to it though since they both grew up in snow belt Ontario.

    Neither will we, cause we are getting 4 - 6 inches over the next couple of days...and petcretary has no choice but to get out and drive in it to her work,8 miles one way. Pawppy can work from home if he has to...and he will keep the driveway and walks cleared. We will be cozy in some nest watching the burd channel, MOL!

  3. oh that looks like a pawsome palace for the queen of catnada... we cross our fingers for a good moving and wish you the bestest luck in your new home...

  4. Your new Palace looks amazing!
    And I nose what you means abotu the stressed Mum....mine is moving offices and all her stuffs in boxes and of course she NEEDs whats right in the bottom of the last box!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Oh no! Snow for moving day? That is NOT a good thing but I'm sure you will get through ANYWAY and soon be setting up house in the new place. The townhouse is BEAUTIFUL and while I bet you will miss being up high in the condo, you will like having a nice big townhouse to explore too! I hope your Mom will NOT look like that Star Trek guy for long Nellie - she just needs to cuddle with you and all that stress will GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love and Angel Hugs, Sammy

  6. Oh Nellie, that's a lot of change but snow melts and your new home looks gorgeous. It's in Van? Feliway,Rescue Remedy and whatever it takes for a smooth move before the retrograde. xoxoxox

  7. Your new home looks gorgeous. We're so sorry that the move day looks so iffy!! And our mom sends much love to all of you. We know exactly how stressful this for you.

  8. Your new townhouse looks fabulous. We hope the move goes smoothly and the snow stays away.

    Tommy thinks it's great that Cinnie goes to work with your Mom!

    The Chans

  9. Whoa! I can't wait to see your new crib. It looks like a palace from the outside. I'll bet you'll love it.

  10. Your new place is beautiful. I will be praying that all goes well with your move and that the weather foreasters are wrong ( they are a lot).

  11. WOW! Your townhouse looks very stylish!! I can't wait til you move in and then we can have a house trashing ..... I mean ....... warming pawty!!! ;-) Smoochies, Austin xx

  12. oh your new place is LOVELY!! It will be worth all of the stress that you are going through now. Loved that Star Trek photo too funny! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  13. We hope you all move safely (and relatively stress free). You sound like the voice of reason, Nellie. Cuddles and togetherness is always the most important thing.

  14. nellie....we wish ewe safe travels best fishes happee moovez welcome home N all de stuff inn bee tween......yur new place iz total lee rockin awesum !!!!!! N de best part oh treez N shrub bree IZ burd free !! ♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Your new townhouse looks lovely. I hope everything goes smoothly and the snow isn't too bad.

  16. Your new home looks really nice, Nellie. We sure hope the move goes well. Our peeps once moved when it was snowing, and the mom said it wasn't much fun...but you'll manage. :)

  17. I wish ALL of you were here with us to snuggle for awhile. Cinnamon, Kozmo, Nellie Nellie, and Jo Jo. Mommy too. Then dere be two mommy's to cuddle everyone.

  18. Good luck with the big move. Looks like a great place to move to now. That is great that Cinnie goes to work with the Mom. Have a really good day.

  19. That is a nice new home Nellie and you really have the right idea. Cuddles when its cold

  20. Your place looks really nice pretty Nellie! Y'all stay snuggly warm!!!

  21. We're with you Nellie. Heat and lots of it along with cuddles is da only way to go. We're sendin' purrayers and big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  22. gosh your new house looks fabulous!I got your Christmas card today with your new addy,you smell so very nice Nellie Bellie,want me to hop on over to warm you up?Big Smooches to ya sweetie,xx Speedy

  23. Your new townhouse is beauteous, Nellie! We just read your post from today, and it sounds like you all made it safely, but WHAT a crazy adventure!

  24. Mowzers, how pretty is that townhouse! We know the move will be a distant memory VERY soon!

  25. What a nice townhouse! Glad you moved although you did have a beautiful view. This townhouse is very attractive and warm looking. Can't wait for the pictures.


  26. Squeeze! I got to see all of you! I am late reading so didn't know you were moving. I luvd your river view in your first home. But I bet Mommie had to find more space for all,of you. So pleased Cinnoe gets to go to work with Mommie


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