Saturday 10 December 2016

Happy Caturday!

Yesterday morning, Mommy packed Kozmo and Jo Jo into boxes and mes into my carrier and bringed an big box of foods and transported us to the new townhouse. As soon as wes got into the boxes, wes started to sings the songs of our people. Mommy kept asking us to please be quiet, she was trying to sees the road through the snow, but wes kept singing.
Kozmo was NOT amused! He tore his box apart from the inside! He is furry strong! And half wat to the new house, he stomped up to the front of the car and whapped Mommy! Mommy was NOT amused.
When wes arrived at the new place, instead of mes being taken to my queenly suite, Mommy dragged Kozmo out from under the seat and carried the squirming behemoth up 2 flights of stairs to his and Jo Jo's room for the day, the sub-presidential suite.
Mommy had gone over the night before and gotted the litter boxes set up for us and inflated the bed my human borther Alex sleeps on. When Mommy put Kozmo into the sub-presidential suite, the bed was deflated! Mommy was a little purrterbed but figured it might be because of the cold. And turned on the pump.
Kozmo said the noise of the pump scared him to bits! And there was NO WHERE to hide!
After the bed was pumped, which tooked elebenty billion years (less than 3 minutes) Mommy came back down the stairs and put my carrier on top of the box with Jo Jo in it and shelped us upstairs. Mes and Jo Jo continued to sing the warrior song of out people. Mommy was yelling HBO words at us.
Mes was unceremoniously dumped on the floor..still in my carrier, while Mommy tried to keeps Kozmo in the sub-presidential suite and bring the box with Jo Jo in it at the same time. After a hour long struggle with a box with a singing cat and a huge black panther who wanted to get out, Mommy finally gotted in and closed the door, leaving mes alone in the hallway.
She putted the box with Jo Jo on the bed and opened the lid and Jo Jo just sat there in the box! She was still singing so mes thinks she must has been trying to remembers the words and had her eyes closes.
Mommy came out of the sub-presidential suite and picked mes up. Wes then went into the Queen's suite.  Where was my bed? My heating pad was laying on top of a folded duvet ON THE FLOOR!!!! Af first mes was a little miffed, but it really was a nice warm nest. Mes had my litter box, my water fountain and a open can of Fancy Feast. Mes looked at the can and asked Mommy where my china dishes was and she told mes to "suck it up princess, your dishes are on the counter at the apartment, I forgot them!" Mes was hungry, mes could tough it out for one day.
Things was furry quiet for 4 hours and then the door opened and a strange man started to brings stuff into My Queen Suite. It was MY bed (in pieces) and my bedroom stuff. The first time he came in, he came over and petted mes, told mes how beautiful mes was and told mes his name was Nick. Nick was furry nice.Each time he bringed something in he talked to mes and one time he gived mes some treats.
Last night, after sleeping all day, when Mommy came up, she started to tries to puts my bed together. After about a half hour of HBO words, Mommy laid the mattress on the floor and putted our sheets on it and crawled in. Mes was really purturbed. Mes wanted my bed the way it should be. Mes walked around her all night because mes thought the bed was too hard and the draft from the window was too cold and Jo Jo and Kozmo was restless too!
The only ones who was not restless was Mommy and Cinnamon, who kept telling us, "Settle Down".
Mes did NOT want to settle, mes wants my bed!
This morning Mommy went off to buys some insulated curtains and Coffee (the coffee maker is still at the apartment) and when she gotted back, mes reminded her that it was Caturday Art and mes did not want to miss AGAIN!

Mes thinks that's why this picture if me is the way it is!!!
Many Kisses
Oh Yes...Wes pawticipating in Athena Marie's Art Hop!
Click her button to goes and sees all the other pawticipants!!!


  1. Fa la la ??? Fur real ??? How can any of you (2 feet or 4 feet) even think Fa la la ...

    screaming ..................................................

  2. Busy days ! Moving is always such an adventure ! Purrs

  3. Well, that was an ordeal! I hope you guys all get settled in soon.

    My human was going to rent a car for part of the time she is in Vancouver next week, but it looks like it will be icy (rain and then freezing temperatures), and she has not had much experience driving on ice, so she is having second thoughts.

  4. Sounds like the moving was a nightmare! I am glad that you are all in your new home safe and sound.
    You do look sweet in your Christmas tree hat. Much better than what my mum did to me when I told her I didn't want to do a selfie.

  5. Oh sweet Nellie Bellie you do make me laugh!!! What an adventure and poor mommy with all those HBO words and the snow and Kozmo being Kozmo!! We hope you settle in real quick and start to enjoy the new pad!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Not every cat could wear a Christmas tree so well! Hope the stress comes to an end!

  7. Moving is always stressful, Nellie, but it does sound like you had quite the time of it! We hope your Mom has been able to put your bed together by now, and everyone is settling in nicely.

    The Chans

  8. Well I am glad you are there safe and sound beautiful Nellie. I hear that moving is no fun.

  9. Oh. No. We totally understand how all of you feel. But purrhaps you could maybe be nice to your mom right now. We know this whole thing is very, very hard on her too.

  10. Momma says dat movin stuff are ruff! I wouldn't know.

  11. What an adventure. Sounds like something my peeps would do. Hope your bed gets put together soon. I think Nick should have done it.

  12. O Mi Cod, what a funny frightful story! That is just way way too much upheaval for little kitties! Glad its over!!! Where are you now?

    One more question. we're hosting a bloggers slideshow, can we include this adorable picture in it? Love, Carol, Peaches & Paprika (PS: good to hear from you!)

  13. OMC, we are SO glad you all made it to your new house, Nellie! We sure hope that your bed is put together the way you like it, really soon. Big hugs to you, Kozmo, Cinnamon, Jo Jo and Mommy!

  14. moving is eggs-hausting :o( and the camp ground like matresses on the floor are not made for bringing sweet dreams... but soon you will sleep in your comfy own bed I'm sure :o)

  15. Oh dearie me.....moving with a bunch of "not too happy about it" animals has to be some major stress but it sounds like your Mommy did her BEST to make sure you all were comfy as possible. Nellie I'm sure your Mom will get that bed figured out now that things are all moved in. At least you're THERE and you can explore the new house and before you know it, all of you will have a favorite spot and be "happy ever after"! Nellie I do like your Christmas tree hat - try to be brave the next few days while things fall into place in the new house.....I will fly down and visit you to keep you company!

    Love and Angel Kisses, Sammy

  16. Oh, my goodness....sounds like it was a stressful time for all. We sure hope things will come around to your reasonable expectations soon, Nellie.
    Love, Sundae & Gypsy

  17. What an adventure you are having!! We hope things settle down quickly and that you get your bed back....we think your Mommy will like having it back too. We wish we could have heard your songs....were they Christmas ones?

    The Florida Furkids

  18. I think you did very well for such a short move my human is planning a cross country move I'm dreading it everytime I get in the car I vomit thats going to be fun. I love your xmas tree hat very cool zen hugs ando purrrs I'm franke the siamese who thinks he's a german shepard

  19. Oh I feel soooo bad for you!!!! My Grandpa Bobo moved many times in his life and when I communicate with him he says it is AWFUL!! Hope all gets settled soon. Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  20. Fa la la whatever :) We're glad you all made it safely and in one piece. The story sounds about right with regard to a move involving cats. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon!

  21. That's a lot to contend with, Yikes! Hope you are all settled in soon.
    We saw your Mommy's beautiful portrait of Moosey today.
    Your Christmas hat is amazing! How do you keep it on?
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red

  22. Moving is scary. We hope to move soon one day.

    We're sure you'll get used to the new place in no time!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  23. Poor Nellie, you are having a very bad time. Actually, it sounds like your Mommy had the worst of it. Moving is a pain, but when you add in the bad weather and singing cats it must be unbearable. I hope all gets just the way you want it soon. XO

  24. Oh Nellie, we so feel fur you girl. Neither of us have actually had to go thru such a thing, but me 'members sis Lexi meowin' 'bout it. Pawrently things went a bit smoother fur her cuz they didn't sing da song of their peeps and mommy always got da bed put together furst thing. Seems they did have to eat off da floor a time or two, but usually only fur a day or just a meal. Me's not sure how things went so smoothly, as mommy is such a sctterbrain, but...MOL We're sendin' purrayers to all of you, 'specially your mommy. Bit hugs to all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  25. WELL. You were most definitely NOT treated with the respect due your stature, we can TELL! We sure hope your service improves soon! *snicker*

  26. Ugh. Poor Nellie. Moving is no fun. We sure hope things get better.

    We love that picture of you. You wear that tree well. ;)

  27. Oh my, what an ordeal Nellie. Moving is not fun. It obviously was not and is not an easy go for you, Jo Jo and Kozmo. Kozmo must be like muscle man strong. Relax and sniff about...this is your new home.

    Shoko and kali

  28. Oh Nellie, after moving 28 times, we could give you the meezer moving advice but it's water under the bridge. You are home dear Queen and every day will get better. Thankfully you got in before merc. retro. And your mom got a post up? Miracles. We haven't posted since Merlin a week ago!

  29. We hopes the bed is put together to your satisfaction soon. Mommy says moving is a pain, moving with cats must be hell. MOL on the way to the vet for their annual shots Yang sang and escaped from his carrier. Yin was a very good kitty until they got to the vets. In fact the vet tech wound up giving MOMMY first aid thanks to Yin. Yang the big goof ball turned into mister loving and loved on the vet techs. Something is seriously wrong with that cat.

  30. Poor Mom, that sounds like not such a nice day for her. Glad she got all of you there at least. Nellie, we are sure that the Mommy will get your bed all fixed up for you. Sounds like a nightmare to us. Glad that is done.

  31. Sending purrs to Mom and all of you kitties Nellie
    Things will settle soon

  32. Moving is the pits, but by now we sure hope you have all settled and are enjoying the nice big den! Sending lots of love and purrs to all!


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