Monday 12 December 2016

The Tuxie Talks!!!

Hi Everybody!!!
It looks like Daddy is coming to get us this week. Mommy had a run in with Cinnamon and some ice at noon on Monday and her ankle went one way and Mommy went the other. Right now she has it up with ice on it. If it still bugs her tomorrow, she is going to the doctor. 
Looking at it, I think a Dr visit is in the books.

You know, Selfie Sunday has been around a long time...I wanted to pawticipate this week, but with the antics with the bed, Mommy never got around to helping us do selfies, so I thought I would have a try...gosh, Summer makes it look so easy, but its not!
Before we leave and go back to Midway, I thought I would help out Nellie and take a whole bunch of pictures of the new townhouse (she does NOT like all the stairs and prefers to be carried up and down).
First off is a picture of Nellie,  she is on her heating pad, on a pillow outside of the bedroom while Mommy was making the bed.

This is THE BED - partway through being put together on Sunday.

This is the view out the window by the bed
 That tree had some really good bird TV, too bad it was so cold, Mommy kept the blinds closed.

This is the bathroom that is i the bedroom. It has Nellie's water, food and litter box.

This is the deflating bed in the Sub-Presidential Suite!!!
I LIKE this room! There is a little cat tree by the window.

When you come down the stairs from the top floor, you see the eating room.
Right now there are boxes and not a whole lot of eating.

This is the view out the doors and windows in the eating room.

This is looking into the kitchen from the eating room. 
Right now all you can see in the kitchen is boxes so I did not take a picture.

Walking towards the front is the Living Room!

And Jo Jo made a nest of the sofa between me taking the first picture and going upstairs and when I came back down to write this post!!!

This is my favorite part..the CAT TREE and my toys! 
Usually Mommy keeps the blinds open for me.

And this is the view from the deck!

I hope you liked my little tour of the place where Mommy and Nellie live in Richmond, BC. 
I am kind of sorry that Mommy got hurt and is having trouble with all the stairs and taking Cinnamon up and down and out for walks. 
I know if it was just us cats, we would take excellent care of Mommy. 
I hope Mommy and Nellie take some more pictures of us before we leave and share them with you over the next few weeks before Christmas!
Your Pal


  1. that's a fabulous new palace for the Queen of Catnada and her royal court... I love the view and your living room is just great! Hugs to your mom, I hope she hasn't to see the dogtor and her ankle will heal up without getting a cast or a uncomfy bandage...

  2. I like your new place! But I am sad you, JoJo and Cinnamon are going back to Midway - I will miss seeing you!

  3. Oh Oh, another hurty! We share your pain ...
    Love the new cat box, er, house.

  4. We hope your Mommy's ankle is okay. The townhouse looks pawsome!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. OH NOOOO on the ankle injury! Sending prayers and purrs for your Mommy. In a multi-storied townhouse it's not fun with stairs and it's NEVER fun with ice outside. Kozmo we will miss hearing about your adventures there with Nellie but I bet you will like being back home with your Dad too.

    Love, Angel Sammy

  6. Thanks for the great tour, Kozmo! We're so sorry to hear about your Mom's fall, though, and hope the ankle will heal quickly. What a bummer!

    We'll miss you guys when you go back to Midway. Come back soon, OK?

    The Chans

  7. I am sorry about your Mom's ankle, I hope she recovers quickly. Thank you for the tour of the beautiful townhouse, I love that fireplace. I am sorry Nellie has to deal with the steps.

  8. Oh no this is NOT what your Mom needs right now. Praying all is ok and that there are no crutches. With steps that's not good! Love the fireplace but poor Nellie, she will adjust xoxoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. WE think you have a pawsome new townhome!! WE hope your Mom's ankle is OK! Especially with stairs.

  10. Hope your mom recovers! Looks like a great place. It looks like Toronto with the snow! I didn't think Richmond got that much snow!

  11. Thanks for the nice tour Kozmo, the palace is very nice! Tell the Mom we are sending purrs her way.

  12. Thanks for that wonderful tour, Kozmo ! It's a nice place to be ! We hope your mom feels better soon. Purrs

  13. Oh Kozmo, you did such a pawsum job of bein' a tour guide. Dat's a great place. We're sure you kitties would be da bestest care takers ever fur your mommy. We're sendin' hugs and purrayers dat she gets all better real soon. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  14. For some reason, that last picture is my favorite ;)

  15. dood.....yur lookin veree handsum buddy.....manee thanx for sharin de toor...we N joyed.....we R sorree yur mom hada run in with de ice N we hope herz bak ta 11100000000000 purrcent soooper quik......tell her ta wrap sum perch round her ankle....that'll werk ♥♥♥☺☺☺ grate ta see ewe travelz ~

  16. Oh, your poor mom! We are so sorry that this happened to her. The townhome looks lovely though.

  17. Your new place looks great, Kozmo! That's quite the view you have. We're purring that you mom's ankle feels better soon.

  18. I am sorry your Mommy hurt her ankle and hope it soon gets better. The new house looks lovely with lots of nice views.

  19. Kozmo, buddy, you did a great job of giving us the grand tour!! It looks lovely. But we are very sorry mommy fell off her ankle!!! We hope she is better soon. You have a safe trip back to Midway and we hope to see you again soon! xxxx

  20. We hope Mum is doing OK and Nellie is keeping warm it's not fun if you want to see out and you can't!!!

  21. Great job, Kozmo! We loved your tour of Mommy and Nellie's new house. Have a safe trip back to Midway, okay?

    P.S. - we are sending healing purrs for Mommy's ankle!

  22. That was a great tour of the new place, Kozmo. I'm sending your mommy healing purrz for that ankle. I'm sure Nellie will miss you but prolly not Jo-Jo or Cinnamon. MOL!

  23. Sorry your mom had a run in with ice. Ouch. Hope and pawray its not too ouchie now anymore. Your new den looks like its going to be a wonderful castle for you all. Love all the pictures and think of the nice views in the spring time to come!


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