Monday 29 February 2016

Hairy Slobbery Company!

Mommy was not home all day Sunday, mes had a furry leisurely day and had the camera setup to take some pictures of mes with my indoor spring garden...
Then Mommy came home...and she brought somebody with her! My camera caughted a picture of me looking at the intruuder...

It was my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon! 
Mes LOVES Cinnie! 
But she is a little rambunctious.....she runs over mes, she eatted MY cat foods, she sleeped in Mommy and My bed with us last night and she stepped on mes!!!
If mes looks cute enough, does yous thinks that Mommy will takes her back?
Mommy says mes STILL has to baby sits her her all week...

Saturday 27 February 2016

Easy Selfie Sunday

Its supposed to rain all day. 
Mes thinks mes will lays here in my warm cubby and takes it easy ALL day!
Oh yes...there is lots of room for a man cat.....
Has a great one!

Friday 26 February 2016

Color me Purrfect!!!

Mommy has been painting quite a bit lately. She posted this picture of my hairy slobbery sister Sam for our living room on Facebook.
Here is a close up! 

Mes loved my hairy slobbery sisters. - Especially Sam. Mes was sad for a long time after she went over the bridge.
Now Mommy has been doing some more paintings, Mes not ha a chance to take a picture of them - yet. But me did gets a picture of a drawing she did of mes! 
Has yous seen those Adult coloring books? While Mommy does zentangle drawings that look like that and she did ME!
Please don't let her know mes posted it...she has not clored it yet, but mes thinks that maybe YOUS might like to colors it!!!

Happy Caturday dear furrends!!!

Thursday 25 February 2016

Things to makes yous think?

Kitties…has this ever happened to yous?

You’re going about your business when you sense it.That creepy feeling you’re being watched. You slowly turn your head, searching for the source. And then you find it—your persons eyes, peering at you.
  • Why is your human staring at you?
  • Is they plotting world domination?
  • Is they worried about you?
  • Is they hungry?
  • Do you have something between your teeth?!
Staring is a behavior that puzzles and sometimes worries many pets. However, there is probably a good reasons why your human is staring at you.
#1 They is showing affection—check and see if they is making that face they calls a smile.
#2 They is looking for clues—has yous done some thing like:
  • Pooped outside the litter box,
  • Climbed the curtains
  • Or maybe yakked in their shoe?
    Maybe they is trying to figure out why you did that (Purrsonally, mes gotted into Mommy’s chicken. Me ate all the skin…that made me poop before me gotted into the box, so me had to climb the curtains to get the poop off my claws, and then mes felt a tad queasy, so me yackked in her shoes….)
#3 They needs something—my human ALWAYS needs mes to be petted by her. If me is not in her lap, me just knows she can’t wait for mes to get back in it. Maybe THAT is why she is staring…
#4 You’re eating something—my human is furry concerned about what mes eats and when mes eats it. Like last week, me decided mes did not like my favorite food, her chicken was better. When me eated it…there was the poop incident…maybe she is watching to sees if mes will taste the new foods….or if mes should ignore it maybe mes will get more chicken….

What does yous think when your human states at yous?

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Thankful Thursday!

2 days of blogging in a row! 
Mes so furry happy! 
And a little later, mes going to goes and visits my furrends.
Mommy won't notice..she's working.

Mes also wants to tells yous a new thing mes is thankful for...Mommy's new recliner and she boughted mes a heating blanket! 
Mes just had to takes a picture of me enjoying the warmth!

It does not comes on by itself like my heated cubby...but it is bigger and mes can stretches out and lounges on it! 
There is nothing like it!

Now excuse me, Mommy left a empty box that is just a little small than mes...mes has to sees if mes can squeeze all of me in it...its something mes just gotta do!!! 

And me is happy!!

Kisses Nellie
PS Yes..mes does has a owwie just above my right wrist. Mes gotted my paw in a place where I should not have and mes gotted a scrape. Mommy had to goes out and buys a cat carrier to takes me to the city vet and my old carrier was used when Jo Jo went back to Midway. And mes is A-OK. 

Tuesday 23 February 2016

SShhh....Don't tell....

Mes was so mad at Mommy when she cancelled my blog....but when mes finally gotted to comes and lives with Mommy in Vancouver, she PROMISED that she would helps me blog on her blog.
That worked-sort of-until after Christmas. Then Mommy gotted so busy, she had been ignoring mes and my furrends!
Well, mes must say, we does read peoples night...but lately she's been so tired, wes not readed very many before she goes to sleeps.
Well, mes taking matters into my own hands paws!
Mes knows how to blog, mes can type, mes is starting my own blog - WITHOUT Mommy!
So, when yous sees my new handle, ( know its ME - Nellie!!!
And mes LIVING ON THE EDGE!!! Really, the ocean is right outside our window!
Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!!

Because mes knows yous is starving for it....Here is glamour shot of glorious me and my inside spring garden that mes tooked with the camera timer. 

Kisses Nellie

PS: My favorite wet food was on sale and Mommy buyed 4 dozen tins. 
Now mes has decided mes not going to like it anymore (gotta keeps up my reputation)