Saturday 30 July 2016

Easy Selfie Sunday With Nellie

There was a cool breeze off the river today, so Mommy putted on my heating pad for me (Alas, the heating blanket died). And, mes refused to takes my own selfie this week...mes asked Mommy to do it.

Here mes is doing my easy!
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The Cat On My Head
Fiona is Stage 4 CKD and mes is remembering her in my purrayers!

Paintings on Caturday

First felt and NOW - mes has been immortalized in Paint! 

AND Mommy has been a painting fiend! She has done Dinnermintz Rainbow Bridge fur sibling Forrest

AND my one of my bestest Man Cat friends - Austin!

Who is Mommy going to paint next?

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Friday 29 July 2016

Present in the Mail

Mes don't normally post on Fridays, and mes thinks that Mommy should has posted this on her blog.... Now Mommy has been quite down, she has not been working for a while (she gotted laid off) and because it is summer, there is not many opportunities out there, so she has been doing lots of art.

Yesterday, Mommy was finishing painting a picture for Bev (Fozzie's Mom). Their old dog Forrest went over the bridge earlier this year and me thought Mommy should send her a painting of him.  She was letting the highlights dry and went down to check the mail.
Mommy was dancing and crying when she comed upstairs! There was a envelope from Mommy Plus Alfie (One Wing)  and when she opened it, this is what we saw:

 Bev had Molly's Mommy make it and send it to Mommy!

Is it not beauteous! It says Crazy Meezer Mom and that is what my Mommy is!!!
Mommy said it was a key ring!
Mes told her it was too beautiful for a key ring, me told Mommy she should wears it as a she did.

We is so grateful! And is it not cool that Mommy was thinking about Bev and Bev was thinking about Mommy?
Oh, here is the painting that Mommy sent to Bev last night.
Thanks yous to EVERYBODY!!! Wes loves yous all!

PS Yous should visit Molly Plus Alfie, they has some really, really terrific stuff in their shops!!!
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Thursday 28 July 2016

Me and Seville (X2)

As yous all knows, Seville winned the Stuffie contest! 

Mommy finished the Seville stuffie for Seville's Peep #1 earlier this week.  
 And when she finished it, mes thinked that purrhaps Peep #1 would like to keeps Seville close to her, even when she goes mes insisted that mes makes a Seville pin too (the littler Seville). 
They will bes put into a envelope and mailed today. 
Mes hope our illustrious Canada Post does not goes on strike BEFORE the 2 Sevilles gets to Nerissa's Life! And if yous clicks the button below, yous can reads what Seville and his sibs thinks of CUDDLES! 


Sunday 24 July 2016

DNC - Philly - Here mes Comes!

A zillion years ago, a guy named Will Smith filmed a video in a Philadelphia field! 
And wes picked that field to lands the Smoke and Joe Campaign Entourage in!

The firstest thing wes did after was gotted off the balloon was put on sunscreen

It is HOT! HOT! HOT!
The second thing wes did was go donkey hunting! There is 57 painted fiberglass donkeys all over Philadelphia and 
guess who wes finded when wes finded the Rhode Island Donkey???

Two Presidents!!! George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Smoke and Jow loved all the paint jobs on the donkeys! The presidents was very nice, but mes thought they was dead....
Wes did get a chance to gets some banners put up!
When wes went over to the convention to sees how its being set up, we ran into another dead president.

He was hot too. 
Wes sat and discussed where mes could find the bestest cheese steak. Finally Smoke and Jo got mes going.

They would not let us takes any of our signs inside, or wear our hats or badges...
So wes tooked a picture and left.
Mes did learn one thing there though...
We then walked to the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art and wes saw the Rocky Statue!

This is so cool! The Rocky Movies 1 through elebenty billion is our favorite movies! 
Our Pet Hotel has a All Rocky All The Time Channel and wes going to watch it tonight when wes eats Cheese Steak!
Wes walked over to Ginos Steaks - which is one of the bestest places in town and when wes gotted there, Joe, the owner, putted up one of our stickers!!!
Is this not the bestest looking cheese steak ever?

And it tased even better than it looks!
Mes is hoping mes will has a little more news about the convention as the week passes...but mes won't know until later. And mes hoping that mes will gets the change to talks to Hillary!!

Convention News bringed to yous by the Tabbies of Trout Town and Marg's Animals and ME!!!!
Signing off from Philly
oh and
Kisses too!

Saturday 23 July 2016

Selfie Sunday - my first Real Selfie!

Mommy came into the bedroom and put her tablet on the bed and said, mes should trys to takes a selfie.
Mes thought she was nuts!
Mes was taking a nap!

Mes thinked about it...
Then mes gotted up to use the facilities and then had a snack and came back.
Mes looked at mes until mes gotted the right look on my face and then mes touched the screen

Mes likes it!
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Oh Yes! 

Allie (at Friends Furrever) and Mau (at the Cat On My Head) they gotted married Saturday July 23 (yesterday)!

Loves yous all and sends yous kisses


Friday 22 July 2016

Caturday Art - July 22

This week, we thought we would do something simple. First we took this picture.

We opened it in Illustrator and added straight lines to the angles.

Mes Likes it! Wes is going to trys this again, purrhaps a full body portrait!

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Wednesday 20 July 2016

And the Winner is.....

Yes folks...

The contest and the voting is over and mes has tallied the score! The winner is

Mes decided to flies from my coast to his coast 

to tells Seville at Nerrissa's Life in person!

Mes thinks he was happy...

Mes KNOWS his peep was!!!

When my Mommy is done making it, mes will posts a picture!

Now yous should head over to Seville's (click his picture) and concatulates him (hes chasing Pokemons....)


Tuesday 19 July 2016

Last Day to Vote And Wordless Wednesday

Yes folks, please get your votes in for who you think should win before 6 PM Pacific.
The winner will be announced TOMORROW!!!

Now for Wordless Wednesday!!



Sunday 17 July 2016

Smoke and Joe Campaign, GOP Convention

Ra! Ra! Smoke and Joe!!!

Now, as yous guys knows, Smoke and Joe is INDEPENDENTS!!! 

That is, they is NOT running for an specific political pawty, they is running for us animals!!!
That said, wes thought wes should lets the peoples at the convention in Cincinnati knows that there is a alternative!

Cincinnati is great city! It is quite small <300,000 peoples and it is in Ohio. Mes had Sheila picks mes up in the balloon and wes flew the jet stream there!

Oops! It looks like wes accidentally landed on The Donald!
Not really, but it was a thought...

When wes gotted there, the animals of Cincinnati had a rally in Piatt Park!

And Sheila left to gets the guys, while mes rallyed the troops! 
And then she arrived with Joe and Smoke!!

And here they is (thanks Ann at Zoolatry) at the Convention!
Watch out Donald...wes wants EVERYBODY to votes for Joe and Smoke!

thanks Ann at Zoolatry

 Wes is having the most terrific time!
These is peoples who is all being part of the campaign!
The Tabbies of Trout Town  (click the button)

and Zoolatry (click the button) !

ANd Marg's Animals where Joe and Smoke LIVES!!!

PS - Don't forgets to votes for who should win the stuffie...yous can reads why they thinks they should win here by clicking the stuffie button.
Stuffie Winner

Belated Selfie Sunday

Mes is as happy as a cat in a bed can bes!!

After spending 10 days sleeping on a blowup bed in the the livingroom with the brat Ninja sleeping in MY bed, mes gotted mine back! Mes is refusing to gets out.

This is the brat Ninja and my human brother saying good-bye to mes yesterday. 

Before he left, Ninja told mes how wonderful my bird tv was and he apologized for ripping holes in the bedroom screen door to gets on the deck and how he scared Mommy by slipping through a teeny tiny gap of the railing and out onto the metal bars that supports our deck and how he opened my jar of catnip and spilled it all on the floor and how he eated all my food, how he climbed up to the top of the kitchen cupboards and Mommy had to gets our ladder off the deck to get him down, how he gotted onto the shelf in the front closet and pushed all the boxes onto the floor and knocked over all Mommy's beads onto the hardwood floor. Oh yes, he yacked on the bathroom and the bedroom floor. He also eated our feather duster and be-haired our sofa with his furs! 
Mes will miss him, his antics made my days furry exciting!!!

Zoe LOVED being here too! She loves that wes has the most wonderful walk along the river elebenty billion time a day! She loved that at the end of the buildings there was a place where she could run! She says its way better than their little park at the end of their street in Calgary.

She says she will miss all the dogs that lives in our building too. She really gotted to knows the 2 puppies Cloe and Max and she was furry gentle with them and their antics. Max thought she was a chew toy and tried to eats her ear one day and she was furry gentle with him. 
Mes won't miss all her hair though! Wow, Mommy had to empty the vacuum cleaner in the middle if vacuuming because of the hair and that was AFTER she sweeped up piles of it everyday.

Now back to business!

First! Today, mes going to pawticipate in the Cat on My Head's Selfie Sunday!
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Tomorrow mes and the gang will be in Cleveland!