Sunday 24 July 2016

DNC - Philly - Here mes Comes!

A zillion years ago, a guy named Will Smith filmed a video in a Philadelphia field! 
And wes picked that field to lands the Smoke and Joe Campaign Entourage in!

The firstest thing wes did after was gotted off the balloon was put on sunscreen

It is HOT! HOT! HOT!
The second thing wes did was go donkey hunting! There is 57 painted fiberglass donkeys all over Philadelphia and 
guess who wes finded when wes finded the Rhode Island Donkey???

Two Presidents!!! George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Smoke and Jow loved all the paint jobs on the donkeys! The presidents was very nice, but mes thought they was dead....
Wes did get a chance to gets some banners put up!
When wes went over to the convention to sees how its being set up, we ran into another dead president.

He was hot too. 
Wes sat and discussed where mes could find the bestest cheese steak. Finally Smoke and Jo got mes going.

They would not let us takes any of our signs inside, or wear our hats or badges...
So wes tooked a picture and left.
Mes did learn one thing there though...
We then walked to the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art and wes saw the Rocky Statue!

This is so cool! The Rocky Movies 1 through elebenty billion is our favorite movies! 
Our Pet Hotel has a All Rocky All The Time Channel and wes going to watch it tonight when wes eats Cheese Steak!
Wes walked over to Ginos Steaks - which is one of the bestest places in town and when wes gotted there, Joe, the owner, putted up one of our stickers!!!
Is this not the bestest looking cheese steak ever?

And it tased even better than it looks!
Mes is hoping mes will has a little more news about the convention as the week passes...but mes won't know until later. And mes hoping that mes will gets the change to talks to Hillary!!

Convention News bringed to yous by the Tabbies of Trout Town and Marg's Animals and ME!!!!
Signing off from Philly
oh and
Kisses too!


  1. What a great campaign in Phillie!!! I sure would like some of that cheesesteak!!!

  2. YO! You all really hit the town of Philly in style - it's hot everywhere so no surprise Philly is the same. Those Philly cheesesteaks are legendary and they make a great meal any time of the day (just add bacon and it's purrfect!). I'm sure you will get to talk to Hillary dear girl - after all, I'm sure she would be THRILLED to have an interview with "THE QUEEN" !!

    Love, Sammy

  3. See? Even the common people are getting on board! That is pawsome work.

  4. Good job campaigning in Philadelphia. If you get a chance, get a Pat's cheesesteak too before you go!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. I love the Rocky movies- we just watched the latest one, Creed. :) That cheese steak looks very yummy. Good job campaigning. XO

  6. That is sure gonna be a fun trip!

  7. nellie....we iz crackin UP !! ☺☺☺☺☺

    "The presidents was very nice, but mes thought they was dead...."

    total lee awesum coverage....we will bee the bye thurzday ta share sum samiches with ewe ♥♥♥

  8. It's gonna be a pawsome convention now that Joe and Smoke are there.

  9. As always Nellie, you look adorable.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  10. you surely did up Cleveland Nellie. And Smoke and Joe are gonna be great candidates

  11. Ooh, ooh, Jan drools for a Philly cheesesteak. They are so yummy! No one else can make them.

  12. You're funning some campaign. I hope your delegates are more mature than Sen. Sanders' are. TW has been in Philly a couple of times and loves the big "key" when you enter the city to signify Ben Franklin's experiment.

  13. Philadelphia is a great city, and we can see you're enjoying yourselves while you're campaigning, Nellie!

  14. * clears throat *

    Yo Nellie!!!!!

    We love the post and oh BOY that sandiwch made us feel hungry. We are enjoying the Smoke and Joe campaign!

    Miranda, Silver and Marjorie
    Dash Kitten

  15. Philly is a cool city...did you also get to ride in a carriage...those are fit fur royalty like you, Nellie, cushioned seats and a driver too. And all pretty in bright white and the horses may have roses on their bridals. Wait, maybe it was too hot fur them to be working hard...
    Cheesesteak?? Mmmm!


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