Saturday 9 July 2016

Being Infrequent for a week - Selfie Sunday with Guests!

Yes, mes has company. Mes will NOt bes posting a whole bunch and mes won't has a lot of time so mes might not be able to comment, BUT mes is reading my furrends blogs!
Wes pawticipating in the Cat On My Head's Selfie Sunday. Click here to see all the other pawticipants!
First off the Babies is flying around a little!  Mes thought these was only 2 left, but there is 3! They is as big as their pawrents - just fuzzier! Their pawrents is still feed ting them though but is trying to teach them to catch is pretty fun to watch.

 Look at how big theys gotted!!!
Mes thinks we will be able to clean up the big pile of poop and get rid of the nest and enjoy our deck soon!!

Next up, a picture of mes! Mes is enjoying the inflatable bed in the middle of the room! It is right up against the kitchen counter. Its got the heating blanket on it too!

Mommy was not furry good at helping mes with the selfie...she missed catching mes looking in the camera.

Now, for all yous man cat is my good furrend (and nephew) Ninja!!!

Is he not the the most handsome house panther? Mes and him is getting along great! Mommy and my human brother has been abandoning us and being gone all day...Ninja has been broadcasting the baby bird flight lessons play by play. 
Lastly, my new hairy slobbery niece!

This is my human brother's new doggie - Zoe! Zoe is 6 years old and was originally rescued from Mexico. Her rescuers moved and could no longer keep her, she is furry calm, cool and collected and mes LOVES her!

Now don't forgets, to enter the stuffie contest! Yous must puts a comment on the post before this coming Thursday - July 14th. 
  1. Yous must tells mes why yous should bes immortalized.
  2. Mes will randomly (using Randomizer) choose 4 finalists next Wordless Wednesday (July 13, 2016) and then publish the four randomizer choosed. 
  3. The 4 winners will be published on July 14th and mes will then asks everybody to votes for their favorite.
  4. On July  20th  mes will tally the votes and the winner of the stuffie will bes announced!
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  1. Wow! You have all kinds of guests. Great selfies by all.

    Gus, Jaq, and Pearl
    As the World Purrs

  2. Gorgeous selfie. Love the baby swallows too. You are very kind to share your stardom with such illustrious guests.

  3. Those baby birdies (we use that term quite loosely) are huge. They barely fit in the nest. Thanks for sharing them today, Nellie. Looks as if you have an excellent place to snooze and some very cute playmates. Thanks so much for hopping along. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. Those birdies have gotten big,enjoy your playmates Nellie thought I think I might hop on over for a nice snuggle with you,you look adorable,xx Speedy

  5. Hello Nelie, oh boy were WE out of the loop a Long Time! Enjoy your visitors and relax. We try to visit and so often we fail and don't do very well - you MUST be better than we are!!

  6. Things are really hopping at your house, Nellie! I have to say, those birds are messy guests!

  7. Looks like you have some fab new friends and family over right now. I love the idea of a heated inflateable bed, though I suspect I might just puncture it! purrs ERin

  8. Nellie! Things are busy at your house with baby birds, guests, and best of all a new hairy slobbery cousin and beautiful house panther exciting. No wonder you will be taking a bit of time off - please do although we will miss you terribly....and have fun!!!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy

  9. Nellie, you have the most interesting of guests!! SOme of them need a lesson in personal hygiene MOL - I'm talking about the birdies, not the slobbery new cousin, who mummy says looks adorable! Ahem! I wouldn't go that far!! Smoochies x0x0x0x

  10. What fun times at your house. The babies seem to be doing really well and it's always nice to have company (even if it is a slobbery new cousin!)

    The Florida Furkids

  11. You look beautiful as always sweet Nellie!

  12. Nellie you are lucky that your baby birds are somewhere that you can watch them. We have baby birds too (actually ours might be gone now) but the pawrents built the nest high up and hid them so well that we can only hear them, not see them. We do think one might have died though. :(

  13. I am glad you have company while your Mommy and brother are out. How nice you got a heated blankie too. XO

  14. We're glad you're getting along with your house guests, Nellie. Those birdies won't be around much longer.

  15. We love your selfie on the warm blanket!!

  16. Your new slobbery cousin looks like a great friend for you. I am glad you and Ninja are getting on well together. You have great Bird TV with those baby swallows. When the baby swallows here are learning to fly, their mums and dads keep dive bombing me.

    1. ...and I forgot to say how beautiful you are looking on your bed.

  17. How nice that you have great friends to keep you company whilst your Mom and her bro are gone!

    The Chans

  18. I love that YOU love your slobbery cousin! And Ninja too and my, he is handsome panfur! Slobbery Cousin is a beauty!
    Now, Mommy wishes I could win the stuffy for her on accounta I am so extremely loving to mommy but then, she is extremely loving to me. XXO

  19. You has a hairy slobbery niece- COOLIO! And that bird tv channel is FASCINATING!

  20. What great guests you have, Nellie! We love that you, Ninja and Zoe are getting along so well. And we love Zoe's name, too. Heh!


  21. Have fun with your fabulous family! Our Mama thinks Zoe is really beautiful!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  22. MOL...look at the birdies!! I like birdies. I don't even try to catch them. They are big....bout time mom and dad kicked them out. There's no room for mom and dad. I like cool and calm woofies way better than the jumping around kind. Lot's of company. Lovely Nellie.

  23. Does Zoe speak Mexican? She can get along with HHGutt. I'd like you to mail me one of the birdies. *drool*


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