Tuesday 31 May 2016

Road Trip

Mes thought me would shares some shots mes tooked on the way home from my holiday in Gibsons.

Wes stopped at the top of the road by the harbor on our way out of town, 
this is looking back towards where my auntie lives.

This is a picture Mommy tooked of mes while we was waiting for the ferry. 
Me was watching to doggy in the next car.

This is a picture from the ferry just before Horseshoe Bay comes into view.

This is another picture of mes laying in the sun on Mommy's lap while we was stuck in Vancouver traffic. 
Vancouver has AWFUL traffics!!!

When mes gotted home, mes had a snooze, in my bed in the sun.
Guess who mes was snoozing about!!!!

Yep! It was that gorgeous tuxie MAN CAT -  AUSTIN!

Kisses Nellie

Sunday 29 May 2016

LAst MonDay of MaY!

Wow! This month has just flown by. Mes been busy!

This last weekend, Mommy and mes had a vacation!!! Wes left Thursday afternoon and comed over to Gibsons BC on the sunshine coast. We not had furry much sunshine though.
Mes throughly enjoyed it! Mes has had my Auntie Laurie to cuddles on and kiss, oh and Mommy too! Wes sat on the sofa, and watched movies and eated popcorn and drinked wine in the evening. Mes has had lots of fish and shrimp and crab tidbits too. During the day, Mommy and my Auntie has been around quite a bit too! Its been wonderful! 
Mes saw some deers in the yard, and lots of Ducks! Some was eating grass just the other side of the window!
But, alas, wes going backs to Richmond today! 
Mes will has to stay awake the whole trip, just in case mes has to sings the song of our people to keeps the bad things away from the car on the ferry! 
Mes will has to watch for other cars when my auntie is driving and mes will has to tells her if they is getting too close...
So mes is having a extra long beauty sleeps this morning!


PS- Spitty, here is mes adoring yous late last night!!!

Saturday 28 May 2016

Selfie Sunday

Mes was getting my Selfie  and thought mes would visits some blogs!
Flynn (Two Devon Cats) has the most gorgeous picture of him on his blog today!

Mommy caught mes!!!
Tee Hee!


Astrid is looking purrticularly gorgeous today!

Kisses to all


Friday 27 May 2016

Artsy Caturday!

Today wes NOT posting art of mes...mes posting art of Joe and Smoke! 
Well Cartoons!
Yous all gotted to votes as to who theys were going to kick ass and today is the unveiling!!!

Ta Ta!!!!

Tee Hee!!!

Wednesday 25 May 2016

On the Campaign Trail

Mes gotted the first Billboard!!! 
Coming soon to a city near yous!
Mes thoughts mes should get some prominent spaces in Phoenix (where BlogPaws is) before they is all gone. 
So mes put one there!

Mes also put one on the sign on my way into the state.

And mes gotted the  campaign headquarters door painted.

If yous would likes, gets a badge and and shows that yous wants Smoke and Joe for President and Vice President!

All the badges and graphics can bes found on the Smoke & Joe Campaign page.
Kisses Nellie

Sunday 22 May 2016

Swallows on my Bird TV!

Mommy was cleaning and there was squawking and a birdies making quite the kerfuffle outside on my deck. Mes had to gets out of my heated bed to has a closer look.
See this!
When mes looked through the glass door, there was a birdie sitting on my deck railing!!!
And up there, on the sprinkler head...
Over the sliding door to my bedroom, is the other bird, building a nest!!!
After they flew to get more mud and grass, Mommy let me out so I could have a closer look. They are sure leaving a mess...
Mommy is not sure they will stay..they find our neighbors, where Mr. Wiggles lives, to be very noisy (so does me).  
But if they do, they could bes quite entertaining! Especially if they has babies!! 

Saturday 21 May 2016

Selfie Sunday

This week, wes joined the Cat on My Head's Selfie Sunday Blog Hop.

Click their button to sees all the other Selfies!!!

Mes tooked this picture by mistake...
Mes was working on making a Facebook Page for Smoke and Joe and accidently tooked MY picture for the Profile Photo! 

THEN, Mommy tooked a picture of mes!!!!
Please visits the page on Facebook and shares it. 


Since we took down my facebook page, mes does not has as many furrends as mes used to!
Wes wants EVERYBODY to votes for Smoke and Joe!


 Click here to visit Marg's Animals blog (where Smoke and Joe live). And the Tabbies of Trout Town who is also managing the Kick Ass Campaign

Friday 20 May 2016

Caturday Art - with Donkeys!

Hi Guys!
Mes has had a event filled week! First mes was Married! 
Then mes had my 18th Birthday!
Then Thursday, mes was SUPPOSED to kicks off Smoke and Joe's campaign... Along with Marg and the Tabbies of Trout Town but one of the other candidates must has been worried...because my computer died!!! Mes knows it had to  bes a Virus!!!

Luckily wes gotted it fixed and wes has started the campaign! 

Wes will bes adding pictures and buttons for your entertainment and wes created a special page (Smoke & Joe Campaign) where you can comes and gets them.

If yous thinks up any great ideas - as to what wes could put together for campaign materials, leaves us a message and wes will makes it for yous and then shares it on the Smoke & Joe Campaign page.
Another thing we will be doing is putting up campaign signs!!! 

If yous would like us to "put" one where yous lives, Sends us a picture and wes will posts it on Thursdays!

Now for the Art!

Smoke & Joe Obama-ed

This is the first sign wes will be placing this Tursday! Wes always LOVED the Obama picture and wes found a great Obamaizer!!!!

First though wes did mes!!!

Here is the picture of me!
And here's me Obamaed!!!

If you would like to gets Obama-ed heres the the link to Obama-Me!



Thursday 19 May 2016

SMOKE and JOE are on the Trail!!!

Once again, wes had computer problems, my apologies to

Theys a little overwhelmed...
But its Early yet! By Summer they will bes ready to hits the Old Campaign trail!

As a mater of fact! Mes is on my way, as their Campaign Manager,  to get their OFFCIAL 
poster pawtrait!!

They may Laughs now! But waits until mes gets this campaign wagon rolling!!!

If yous would Likes a GIF
wes gots 2
The official Airplane of Smoke and Joe

And the Cheerleaders is getting all primed up too!

So grabs your badges and

Monday 16 May 2016

Many Thanks!

Dear Furrends

Mes had the most specialist last few days. It has been so furry magical.
Mes was not expecting them, but mes gotted some Birthday Cards too!
From my Love of my Life!!

Pipo & Minko & Mr. Jack Freckles
My good buddy Sammy!!!

 My Special Buddy Cody!
From Fozzie's Mom!!!

My King Spitty the Kitty!

Now for my FAVORITE  Wedding shot!

 Yous all is the bestest! Me and Mommy will counts up all the comments and tells yous how many dollars wes will be sending to RAPS.* 


(*Which is short for Richmond Animal Protection Society, it is a sanctuary that houses and cares for more than 400 homeless or abandoned cats in Richmond, BC, Canada.)




Mes had 40 comments yesterday! Is that not exciting! Mes has convinced Mommy to donate $50 to RAPS!