Sunday 29 May 2016

LAst MonDay of MaY!

Wow! This month has just flown by. Mes been busy!

This last weekend, Mommy and mes had a vacation!!! Wes left Thursday afternoon and comed over to Gibsons BC on the sunshine coast. We not had furry much sunshine though.
Mes throughly enjoyed it! Mes has had my Auntie Laurie to cuddles on and kiss, oh and Mommy too! Wes sat on the sofa, and watched movies and eated popcorn and drinked wine in the evening. Mes has had lots of fish and shrimp and crab tidbits too. During the day, Mommy and my Auntie has been around quite a bit too! Its been wonderful! 
Mes saw some deers in the yard, and lots of Ducks! Some was eating grass just the other side of the window!
But, alas, wes going backs to Richmond today! 
Mes will has to stay awake the whole trip, just in case mes has to sings the song of our people to keeps the bad things away from the car on the ferry! 
Mes will has to watch for other cars when my auntie is driving and mes will has to tells her if they is getting too close...
So mes is having a extra long beauty sleeps this morning!


PS- Spitty, here is mes adoring yous late last night!!!


  1. Wow, Nellie, you get to go on a ferry? I went to Catalina once, but that's the only time I've traveled by a boat.

  2. That sure sounds like such a fun vacation, Nellie. Great picture of you taking it easy. You all have a great day.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Hope you have a good trip back today!

  4. I hope you get your snoozy time in beautiful Nellie and travel safely.

  5. Enjoy your rest. You sure partied hard.

  6. That sounds like a lot of fun! We hope the ferry ride back is smooth!

    Lovely photo, Nellie!

    The Chans

  7. It sounds like you had a lovely vacation, Nellie.

  8. I am glad you had such a great time. How nice of you to stay awake to sing the song of your people. :) You look very pretty. XO

  9. What a wonderful vacation you and Mommy had, Nellie! Paws crossed for a smooth ferry ride back.

  10. OH! Nellie!! Be still my heart! You are looking at *MY* picture! That makes me happier than I can tell you, my darling! You are looking soooooo toothsome all curled up like that--I want to give you the tiniest of bities, you'll barely even feel it I promise! Hee hee. But alas, you is a Married Nellie now. Sigh.

  11. We know meowmy was on that ferry once...and she was below had to quickly get to the outside decks, MOL!

    You sure know how to get cozy in your nest,Nellie!

  12. You are a super busy girl but I know you were happy to have a break and take a vacation with your Mom and your Aunt. Girl time is fun isn't it? (Mom says so!) I hope your trip home is QUIET and that you will relax and not have to be on alert the whole way.

    Sending you hugs,

  13. What a wonderful evening to relax with your mom!!! We're glad you got to go on vacation with your family! It's always hard to be left behind.

  14. Nellie that sounded blissful being in nature xoxo

  15. That sure sounded like a fun time, Nellie.

  16. Oh Nellie, you had such a lovely vacation and yes, you must keep alert and warn your mom about hazards real or not! Keep our Song on your sweet lips. And Spitty should be honored! NO lady cat can be jealous of YOU, my beauteous Nellie. Kissies back to you.

  17. Dat sounds like a pawsum adventure Nellie. Ya'll be safe on your drive home. You look just adorable. Dat beauty rest pays off cuz you be just gawjus.

    Luv ya'


  18. Awww extra cuddles are a must on any trip,many kisses,xx Speedy


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