Friday 29 April 2016

It's Friday...and mes finally gots a post going up.`

Its my art for the week! 

and speaking of art...mes finded this painting on Etsy

 It made mes thinks of what mes and Merlin would bes like if wes were young!
Click here to see it on Nobility Cats and Art and yous can see more of their gorgeous prints!



Oh yes...
wes is sad that a good furrend has gone over the bridge.
Forrest will be missed!

Sunday 24 April 2016

Cat in a Blue Bed

Mes disgruntled.
Mes yakked all over my heated bed, and Mommy is washing it. 
This means mes is in my back up beddie...
When mes asked Mommy (for the sixth time) why was my bed taking so long...Mommy told mes to 
Suck it up Princess....
Does she not remember mes a QUEEN!!!!
The nerve of her!!!

Friday 22 April 2016

Earth Day Evening....

Mes wanted to celebrate Earth Day when mes say it on TV, but Mommy was at work so mes had to wait until she gotted home...

 Better late than not at all!

Thursday 21 April 2016

Thankful Thursday!

Mes thankful for Merlin!!!

Sending yous LOVES!!!
And Kisses

Monday 18 April 2016

Pet Owner Independance Day

Today, April 18, is Pet Owner Independence Day!

Mommy says the idea of this holiday is that our owners and pawrents get a turns at lying on the sofa, while me and my fluffy friends trys out their talents in the workplace!

Mommy tried to convince Mes, while mes was lying in a nice warm bed this morning, that purrhaps Mes  should gets up and goes to work instead of her!!!

What turnip truck does she thinks mes falled off of???

Truth be told, mes owns the truck!!!

And why would mes want to sit here for 8 hours?

When mes can be here!

Or here

Or here!

Did yous go to work for your pawrents??


Sunday 17 April 2016

My New Oasis!

Since the weather has gotted nice, Mes has been bugging Mommy to makes the balcony a place for this Queen to enjoys the weather! 
And today, she bowed to my wishes.

Wes gots a nice chair and a table and plants and a nice rug!

Oh Mommy! Is that a boat?

You're too slow with the camera, yous missed it!

Oh Nos! is that pesky woofy over there...mes better goes and checks...

Hmmmm....mes can't see him there, maybe...


He's on this side?

Nope! Good!!!

Mes should sent the rug with my paw pads....
No Mommy, mes NOT Scratching...mes scenting!!!!!

Yous believes me, don't yous????


Friday 15 April 2016

Mr Wiggles and Me on Artsy Caturday!

In our Apartment, there is a doggy next door. Hes not furry big and a couple of times he has comed into our apartment to visit (when the door is open to the deck) After he has wiggled between the railing between our Apartments. 
He REALLY likes Mommy. 
Me, not so much...
Mommy tooked a picture of him this week.

Hes just a little smaller than Kozmo.
Anyway wes made him into Art!

And what was Mommy looking at when she went onto the balcony and tooked a picture of Mr Wiggles?

There was a Boat coming up the River.

and it got closer...

And here it is after it went past!

NOW here is what yous came to see...

Both mes and "Mr Wiggles" has been created using Dreamscape Paranoid Shell!


Tuesday 12 April 2016

Sun Puddles!!

Yep! The day is finally getting long enough that mes gets some sun puddles!!!
(Wes on the North side of the building).
Can't wait for the days to gets longer so they starts earlier and lasts all evening!

Saturday 9 April 2016

Happy Birthday Marg!

Yes...mes late..
BUT mes is wishing Marg a Happy Birthday!!!

And thanks to Ann at Zoolatry!

Friday 8 April 2016

Birthday Cuddles

Mes stopped at Flynn's to wish him a Happy Birthday, and aftee mes gived him a kiss and a cuddle, wes falled asleep...
 Happy Birthday Dear Heart! Yous knows mes LOVES yous more than anything!
Nellie Bellie

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Thankful Thursday

Mes has LOTS to bes thankful for this week...

1. It only rained 2 days.
2. Mommy is MUCH better (thanks for your good thoughts). She actually went for a walk after work tonight...the first time in 5 weeks!
3. Austin is a dream dancer....(sigh)...
4. Flynn is a superior cuddler....(and toe rubber...)
5. Genji is a way better nurse to #1 than me is to my Mommy.
6. The sunsets! Here is last night's!

This was looking west up the Fraser River, yous can just see the sky getting pink!
And this is from my heated cubby looking at the North Shore Mountains!
We thought we would show what some of the things wes gets to see are!!!

What is Mes most thankful for?

What about yous?

Saturday 2 April 2016

Ears my Selfie!

My Peek-A-Boo picture was my attempt a selfie earlier this week. This was my first shot...The inside of my ear! No my ear is not dirty, it just is blochy.

Now here is the picture mes was trying to gets!

Mes still having trouble with the timer! usual, Mommy had to plays with it in Photoshop!
And the Bunny...mes loved it! It hopped around when it was wound up! 
The Easter Bunny bringed it for mes!
Now mes gots to put my dress back on, mes and Austin is going to goes and trips the light fantastic! Got you Tux on yet big guy?

Friday 1 April 2016

Lovely in Lilac!

Mommy readed a new Photosphop tutorial.

And me thought it would the purrfect way opportunity for a new dress!
Mommy whined (she is stll not well, mes awful sick of her being sick...)
But she relented!!!
Here me is!!!