Friday 15 April 2016

Mr Wiggles and Me on Artsy Caturday!

In our Apartment, there is a doggy next door. Hes not furry big and a couple of times he has comed into our apartment to visit (when the door is open to the deck) After he has wiggled between the railing between our Apartments. 
He REALLY likes Mommy. 
Me, not so much...
Mommy tooked a picture of him this week.

Hes just a little smaller than Kozmo.
Anyway wes made him into Art!

And what was Mommy looking at when she went onto the balcony and tooked a picture of Mr Wiggles?

There was a Boat coming up the River.

and it got closer...

And here it is after it went past!

NOW here is what yous came to see...

Both mes and "Mr Wiggles" has been created using Dreamscape Paranoid Shell!



  1. That effect really makes you 'pop'!!

    Its lovely!

    Meowmy says, what a cute doggy:) We bet he gives really slobbery kisses, MOL!

  2. You look great!! I love the little doggie! He's so cute! Not as cute as you, but cute!!

  3. Nellie! Mr. Wiggles is adorables....I know he's a woofie and all BUTT he's cute and as long as he doesn't bother you, he might make a nice little friend. That photo effect your Mommy used for Mr. Wiggles AND your picture is's very beautiful and dreamy and magical!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy

  4. Mr Wiggles is cute but not as cute as you! We love that photo effect!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Oh yes... The picture of the doggy was quite nice. He's a cute doggy, for sure. The artwork of the doggy was even nicer. Very impressive work your mum does. And the boat in the river was pretty but.... BUT the artwork of you? SPECTACULAR!!! Beautiful, Nellie, as always. purrs


  6. You have a great view, Nellie Bellie! Maybe the doggie spoils it a bit!! MOL But the Staff says he looks very friendly!! Great art! But surely you're not even a little bit paranoid!! ;) xx00xx

  7. You are artsy beautiful sweet Nellie and Mr. Wiggles is cute!

  8. Nice view, and wonderful art ! Purrs

  9. OMC! I love Dreamscope so I knew right away you used it. And OMC, we both have the same doggie next door, a French Bulldog. Maybe Bijou is vacation in Canada?

  10. I am glad your Mom made an art picture of you too, the dog is cute, but no one is as cute as you. I love this art, it reminds me of the button art I want to try one of these days.

  11. That is a great arty effect and you look beautiful Nellie. Mr Wiggles looks very cute too.

  12. Very cool art this week, Nellie. Our neighbors used to have a dog like Mr. Wiggles. Her name was Tammy and she would come into our yard and bark at all the squirrels. She was really silly.

  13. We love the boat, and think your neighbours dog is a cutie but YOU are a vision of amazingness!!

  14. Mr. Wiggles is cute. But YOU are SUPER cute and beautiful, Nellie. :)

    Hugs to you and Mommy!

  15. Nellie I think you are a bit purrtier that Mr Wriggles but beauty is in the cats eye is it not. Sorry Mr Wriggles MOL

  16. Mom is using this program for the first time to create our art for this weekend. It is amazing the number of choices from which to select. Mr. Wiggles is super cute. Maybe you will eventually make friends. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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