Tuesday 30 August 2016

Wowwie on Wednsday!

Mes is the HAPPIEST girl cat in the WHOLE WORLD!

Mammy dearest, can yous opens this present for me! It smells like that gorgeous man cat Austin!!!


Toys and Treats!!!!

AND Tasty!!!
Oh look! There is a wonderful blankie and a picture of Austin!!!! 
AND I there is a bracelet for yous Mommy!

Gosh! Mes really LOVES Austin! 
Hes the bestest Man Cat EVER!!! Mes feels so special!

Good Night Austin! 
This is a great picture!
Now mes can kiss yous every morning when mes wakes up from sleeping on my heavenly new blanket that smells JUST like yous right here with mes!!!
Mes wants to thanks your staff too dearest! Mommy is over the moon with her new bracelet. Your staff has great taste!
Your Nellie Bellie

Sunday 28 August 2016

Babies on Monday

Our swallows has had a second batch of babies this summer. They have been making quite a ruckus for a couple of weeks now and mes LOVES watching the pawrents and the older siblings flying around and back and forth. Sunday, mes sent Mommy out to gets a picture of them so mes can show them to yous and all she could see was the tops of their heads.
There is only 2 of them this time and they can still hunker down pretty good. She even climbed the step ladder and the above was all she could see!

She did gets a pretty decent picture of a big boat coming down the river though. 

Just before supper, it was raining like mad and Mommy peaked out the window.

Mommy was watching the older kids dodging the raindrops and one of the babies was too!

My goodness they gets big fast! He/She is still pretty fluffy! And yous can see they still have the yellow stripe on their beak so the Mommy and Daddy can has target practice when they flies up with bugs!
The swallows has kept mes entertained all summer - mes will miss them when they fly south!

Selfie Sunday

This is a picture of the Colossal Sphinx of Hatshepsut at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
 Mommy says in this pose, mes looks like a model of the Sphinx

 Purrsonally, mes thinks mes looks better than a piece of rock...and mes wonders...
does sphnixes purr??

|Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

This is a picture of all Mommy's  before furrys who is over the bridge.
Left to right, Kokanee, Grey Cat, Tiger, Snap, Tiki, Corkie, Kitty, Ghengis, Attilla, Taffy, Bob, Licorice and Sam


Friday 26 August 2016

Artsy Caturday With Mes!

Its been a while since mes featured mes on Artsy Caturday!
So yous in for a treat!

Mes in Multiple!!!

Wes is pawticipating in Athena's Caturday Art.
Clicks the button to goes and sees all the other entries!


Wednesday 24 August 2016

Campaigning in Boston!

When mes and my ballon pilot Sheila (the Sheep) comed out of the stratosphere on our way to Ware, Ma, this is what we saw!!!

Does yous knows who lives in Ware?

Yep! The Infamous Phoebe! And all the others at 15 and Meowing!
And wes here to picks up Phoebe on our way to Boston. Wes picking up Phoebe because she is Smoke and Joe's new speech writer!
Wes has a brief visit because wes was late! 
Balloons has to goes the same direction as the wind!
Here we is taking off from the Quabbin Park, near where the gang of 15 lives! Mes is waving to Brodie (He is HUNKY!!!)

Next stop BOSTON!!!
We arrived downtown to check in and wes met the Sign Guys! 
They had met up with a local donkey who was really excited to meet Smoke and Joe.
And he had set up a rally in Somerville! 
After the defeat at the Battle of Bunker Hill, the colonists retreated to present-day Somerville, specifically to Prospect Hill, a strategic spot that afforded views of Boston and the British fleet. The hilltop was nicknamed the Citadel, as it was the rebels’ strongest fortification. It was here, on January 1, 1776, that these troops first raised the Grand Union – the original flag representing the united American colonies.

Boy the Bostonian PIPs had all their Peeps out to see our Candidates!

Wes had a GREAT day in Boston!

Thanks first to Pheobe for coming to Boston with us! Click the button to visit the gang!

Taking them back to Marg's, 
Joe was telling me about the how hes going to redecorate the White House! 
Yous can visit the Donks at Margs Animals!

And me???

Mes wonders where Sheila (She's the sheep balloon pilot from Australia) will takes us too next week?
Does yous guys has any ideas?

Can yous wakes mes up wHen wes gets home Sheila?

Tuesday 23 August 2016


Mommy was at a site that uses Net Positive error messages and got this one...
SHE thought it was funny...
Mes still trying to decide....

Saturday 20 August 2016

Selfie Sunday Flashback!

Mommy says there is too many alligators! She has been working, working, working!
Mes has been Sleeping, Sleeping, Sleeping!
So, mes thoughts mes would gives Mommy a break and has a flashback from my OLD Blog!

Left to right and top to bottom its 
Kozmo, Mes, Jo Jo and Ninja!!
Wes pawticipating in the blog hop at The Cat on My Head. Click the button to goes to their blog and see the other pawticipants!!!

The Cat On my Head

Wednesday 17 August 2016

On the Campaign Trail

Hmmmm....where should the campaign gang goes next week?
Send mes YOUR suggestions!
In the meantime, mes gots some new Sign Guys!

And the Campaign Badges are coming in!

If yous has a idea for your Job title for the Smoke and Joe Pets In Politics Campaign, emails me with a HEADSHOT and mes will try to gets the Monkey to makes yours!
To gets a badge we need:
Your Campaign Job Title
Your Name as you want it on the badge
Your HEAD shot
Please EMAIL them to this address:

Yous has until next Wednesday to gets your 
1. Campaign Job Title
2. Name as you want it on the badge
3. HEAD shot
to mes!

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Looking for adventure in what ever comes my way! Mes was Born To Be Wild!!!

Mes had a fabulishious day after the Happy Day!
Mes picked up Man Cats to goes driving with!
First mes gotted Toby and wes went tearing around the country side! And was SINGING the songs of our peoples at the tops of our Lungs!

Toby's blog is Toby's Wrecking Crew!

Next mes stopped and picked up my oldest buddy in the blogosphere - Cody!!!
Cody is the bestest and wes always has so furry much fun. Mes LOVES him to bits!

THEN...mes headed to the OTHER coast in Canada and picked up Seville. He and his human have the funniest blog. Mommy always laughs so hard coffee comes out her nose when she reads his blog! And he's just as funny in person...mes has not laughed so hard in a long time! And wes singed Queen songs..."Another One Bites the Dust!"

Seville blogs at Nerissa's Life
Then mes picked up Mario.  Yous guys all knows how much mes loves Tuxi Man Cats! They is always ready to pawty! Mes thinks they is the clowns of the cat kingdom and Mario is the bestest!

Yous can read about Mario's antics on his blog, Mario's Meowsings!

Lastly (and definately not Leastly) mes picked up Sammy! Sammy is the BACON King! And yous guys knows how much wes all loves bacon and Sammy did NOT disappoint, his Mommy sent some tidbits for us to enjoy while wes drived around and yes wes singed and singed! Sammy LOVES Evis and mes LOVES his rendition of Blue Suede Shoes!   Mes asked if he would tell mes the answer to the Geography Test today, but his lips was sealed! Even tickling did not work for mes to gets the answer!

Yous can read Sammy's Blog at One Spoiled Cat!

Now mes EXAUSTED!!! And mes going home to sleep!

Sunday 14 August 2016

Cuz Mes Happy!!!!

Whose HAPPY?

Mes was at Lexi and Raena's Blog Sunday, because they posted on My Sunday Selfie post 


and they tagged EVERYONE for the Happiness Tag!
Now, Me's is a really happy cat, so mes thinked mes would takes that Happiness tag and shares with yous:
The 5 things that makes mes happy, 
The 5 songs that makes mes happy and 
The 5 bloggers that makes mes happy. 

What 5 things makes Nellie Bellie Happy?

#1 - My Mommy
#2 My Heating Pad
#3 Freeze Dried Salmon(yummy, yummy, yummy, mes gots love in my tummy)
#4 Man Cats

#5 My Followers
Mes loves yous all! Each and every one of yous!!!

  The 5 songs that makes mes HAPPY!

#1 - Killer Queen!!!
Because me is!

#2 Because I'm Happy (Pharrell Williams) 
Because mes is Happy!

#3 - Toreador Song ("Votre toast je peux vous le rendre") from Bizet's Carmen
(one of the best Baritone solos ever!)
#4 Snoopy and the Red Baron
because who does NOT love this song and lastly

and Lastly

#5 Wait Til the Sun Shines Nellie, 
Because my Mommy has singed it to me forever!!!

The LAST part is to pick 5 Blogs that makes me happy! 

Like Lexi and Raena, mes can't picks just 5 blogs! Mes wants ALLS of yous to gets the HAPPY tag!!!
Now in the infamous words of Bobby McFarrin


Now mes going for a drive in the country... Which man cat should mes goes and picks up....?