Wednesday 24 August 2016

Campaigning in Boston!

When mes and my ballon pilot Sheila (the Sheep) comed out of the stratosphere on our way to Ware, Ma, this is what we saw!!!

Does yous knows who lives in Ware?

Yep! The Infamous Phoebe! And all the others at 15 and Meowing!
And wes here to picks up Phoebe on our way to Boston. Wes picking up Phoebe because she is Smoke and Joe's new speech writer!
Wes has a brief visit because wes was late! 
Balloons has to goes the same direction as the wind!
Here we is taking off from the Quabbin Park, near where the gang of 15 lives! Mes is waving to Brodie (He is HUNKY!!!)

Next stop BOSTON!!!
We arrived downtown to check in and wes met the Sign Guys! 
They had met up with a local donkey who was really excited to meet Smoke and Joe.
And he had set up a rally in Somerville! 
After the defeat at the Battle of Bunker Hill, the colonists retreated to present-day Somerville, specifically to Prospect Hill, a strategic spot that afforded views of Boston and the British fleet. The hilltop was nicknamed the Citadel, as it was the rebels’ strongest fortification. It was here, on January 1, 1776, that these troops first raised the Grand Union – the original flag representing the united American colonies.

Boy the Bostonian PIPs had all their Peeps out to see our Candidates!

Wes had a GREAT day in Boston!

Thanks first to Pheobe for coming to Boston with us! Click the button to visit the gang!

Taking them back to Marg's, 
Joe was telling me about the how hes going to redecorate the White House! 
Yous can visit the Donks at Margs Animals!

And me???

Mes wonders where Sheila (She's the sheep balloon pilot from Australia) will takes us too next week?
Does yous guys has any ideas?

Can yous wakes mes up wHen wes gets home Sheila?


  1. Wow looks like you guys had fun in Boston!!! I've got my thinkin' cap on to see where you guys should go next. Have you been to North Carolina yet? My cousin lives there. Do you know they have wild horses that live on the beach? Maybe you could visit those herds and get them involved in the campaign!!!! Whereever it is, I'm sure you'll do a great job for Smoke and Joe!!

  2. WOW! What a great campaign trip in Boston! Phoebe knows all the great spots there I'm sure. You do look a little bit pooped from the trip though Nellie so REST UP so you'll have energy for the next stop on your campaign tour!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy

  3. Put some pants on dat barelegged lady!

  4. It sounds like you guys took Boston by storm!! We can't wait to see where you go next! Will you be coming down here to Florida soon?

    The Florida Furkids

  5. WOW! Looks like the campaign is off to a great start. Congratulations to Phoebe for being the speech writer. You deserve the job Phoebe. I do hope the campaign trail takes them to Wisconsin.

  6. We are so glad Smoke and Joe could campaign in Mass. I hope you had time to get to a Red Sox game. Phoebe is thrilled to be part of the campaign team. Go Smoke and Joe!

  7. I can understand why you'd need a nap ... you're one busy cat!

  8. Oh. Phoebe will do such a great job for your team.

  9. Sure looks like the campaign has had one great start. And we are so glad that Phoebe is going to be the speech writer.

  10. As always you earned your rest. You shouldda stopped to visit me on the way home.

  11. Phoebe will be a great speech writer. Looks like you all had a good time in Boston on the campaign trail.

  12. nellie, how total lee kewl ya getted ta meet brody & crew...N boston looks like an awesum town...we iz buzzed happee ta see all de smoke & joe supportz ther....phoebe will makes a grate speech rite for sure !!! awesum job on her badge ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  13. Phoebe is the purrfect speech writer...she has so much to say...and says it well.

  14. That was such a fun campaign stop!

  15. Wow its a non stop fun Campaign Nellie,you're doing a great job,xx Speedy

  16. You are all having such fun we're jealous. :) We just read that Zoey is your new Campaign Jester. A good choice. She will do you proud.


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