Wednesday 10 August 2016

Joe & Smoke Con Trail not Campaign Trail

Yep! Mommy just started her new job and she is already up to her eyeballs in work!
So Mes figured Mes would gets the word out a little differently this week.

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  1. We know how hard your mom works, Miss Nellie. We're still voting for Smoke and Jo!!!

  2. Con trails work just fine! Everybody can look up and get the message!!!!!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy

  3. Y'all are working so hard on this.

  4. They are THE choice! The ONLY choice!

  5. We are so ready for Smoke and Joe!

  6. nellie.....conga rats two yur mom, we iz happee her getted sum employ; we noe her iz two...pluz that meenz extree treetz each week for ewe huh ;) yur joe & smoke signalz thiz week rock....we can see em kleer down heer in de land oh trout !!! how kewl iz that !! ♥♥♥

  7. Good job Nellie! Go Smoke and Joe.

  8. Well that is CERTAINLY gettin' the word out, for sure!


  9. That's a great way to stump for Joe and Smoke, Nellie! Awesome job!

    Speaking of jobs, we hope Mommy's new one is going well.


  10. That is such a great way to advertise the campaign for Joe and Smoke.
    We sure hope that the Mom likes her new job and that it is going well.
    Nellie, hope you are doing well too.

  11. Hope your Mom likes the new job. The things humans have to do in order to buy cat foods...
    Smoke and Joe seem like the best candidates this year.

  12. We are so glad and doing the happy dance that mummy has a new job, even though it probably means she will neglect you!!! Never mind my sweet Nellie Bellie, I shall come over and console you! ;)

    Thank you for your comment on the latest Towers Times :) To answer your question, The Staff adapted the cartoon from a stock photo! She says it looks just like me but beg to differ!! MOL xoxoxox

  13. Whoa! I thought I looked out the window and saw sky writing.


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