Monday 12 December 2016

Moanday Tails! Nellie' Adventures in Moving Part 2

Oh Kitties! What an adventurous weekend mes had!

And it was a learning experience too! Mes had NO IDEA how many HBO words in different languages Mommy knew! Who knew that 14 years of working in bars could gives her such colorful language!
Out bed was the highlight and the lowlight of the weekend. After sleeping on the floor 2 nights in a row, Mommy was DETERMINED she would sleeps in the bed on Caturday Night. After much gnashing of teeth, bruising of hands and knuckles, my bed was together -- sort of. Mes watched the hustle and bustle as Mommy made 2 trips to Lowes, 1 to Home Depot and 1 to Ikea to get the right things to puts the bed together. When she gived up, it had the wrong screws and was held together with miles of packing tape!
 Even though Mommy is a good Alberta Red Neck...the Duct tape was in the she had to use packing tape, thus there was way more used than if it had been the RIGHT STUFF! Mommy refused to takes a yous must use your imagination. 
Nobody had a good sleep. Kozmo and Jo Jo was so happy with all the stairs and extra room, they spent most of the night doing zoomies. At times, when they runned over her, Cinnamon would join in. Mommy moved my litter box out of the little bathroom in the Queen Suite, to the closet and Jo Jo would lies in wait for mes to gets up and go and would leap on me! Mes would yell at the top of my lungs and Mommy would has to rescue mes. Finally, mes refused to gets out of bed and mes relieved myself on Mommy's arm, pillow and the sheets at 6 am.
Mommy gotted out of bed and used more HBO words, but these ones was at MES! Mes was miffed! It was NOT my fault! It was that brat, Jo Jo! Mommy should has yelled at her!
She dumped me (and my heating pad) unceremoniously in the Sub-presidential suite on the flat inflatable bed.  She then bringed mes Fancy Feast with hot water and closed the door.  Mes did not mind...mes was free from Jo Jo the pest!!!
Mommy went over to the apartment, picked up the things that got left (except for some pictures, but she still has to clean the place so that's OK). And bringed them back. My Auntie Laurie and Uncle Fred came by and did not visit with me as mes was ensconced in the the Sub-presidential suite (with a sun puddle!!!). 
Later that afternoon, Mommy finally gotted the bed together! Mes was back in my Queen Suite and all was right in my world. Mommy had buyed a NEW HEATED MATRESS PAD!!! 

She hanged some curtains to stops the wind from the window, had a hot bath with lavender stuff in it and wes was ALL asleep by 9 PM. 
At 3:30am, Mommy gotted up to use her litter box and put mes in mine, and made sure Jo Jo could not touch mes. Wes then went back to bed and slept blissfully warm until the alarm went off at 5:30 AM.
Mommy bringed mes my Fancy Feast with hot water, gived mes salmon treats and mes will goes back to sleep and enjoys my Monday in quietude (the Queen Suite door is shut) 

Mes has delegated Kozmo to talks tomorrow and mes sure hes got LOTS to say.



  1. OH MY Nellie that was an adventure!

  2. We are glad to hear the bed has been put together and an acceptable routine established!

  3. I am sorry JoJo is so mean to you, it wasn't your fault you had to pee on your Mom. Try not to pee on that awesome heated mattress pad though, you don't want to get an electric shock.

  4. Well the bed and heaty pad are back so that's a plus sweet Nellie.

  5. nellie...pleez for give if we iz smilin N tryin knot ta laff coz we noe yur mom dinna think thiz stuff iz funnee but we due, well, knot de sisturr fite but ewe rest....we iz lookin for werd ta kozmoz tale !!!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    pee ess....did yur moms start with HBO werd A & end up with Z !!!! ☺☺☺

  6. Oh, how we understand your pain. Honestly, your moving adventures sound worse than ours! But now peace can descend. Trust us, every day - and night - gets a bit better.

  7. Nellie, that is a bummer that JoJo pesters you like that. This move sounds like such an ordeal!

  8. Oh dearie me! Nellie moving is never easy but with all of the animals (not you of course because you're THE QUEEN) it was a bit more than anyone could handle BUTTT you did! Your Mommy deserves a're in the new house and soon things will settle down and you'll be HOME SWEET HOME!

    Love you loads and loads, Angel Sammy

  9. Oh Nellie, we're so glad your suite is fixed and you're at rest again. Me knows all 'bout dat bad behavior and attackin' from a sisfur. Raena bugs me when me tried to use da pawdee box too. Mommy's at a loss as to what to do. She holds Raena when she knows me needs to go, but she can't be there every time. We really like your new place. Sendin' purrayers and hugs fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  10. That does sound like a big adventure, but not a good one for your Mommy. I wish JoJo wouldn't be mean to you, but you are safe again in your Queen Suite.

  11. OH Nellie!!! That JoJo needs an intervention!! Well done on the peeing on mommy!! I am proud of you, Sweet Nellie Bellie!! It looks like the HBO words have worked though!! Hmmm!!! xoxoxox

  12. Wowzers, Nellie. That is definitely some adventurous stuff. We're glad everything is getting settles again!

  13. The bed sounds like an adventure worthy of my peeps. MOL!

  14. Whoa! Maybe a fly in the wall might have had fun recording all of that, but then you or one of the other kitties would have eaten it up, right?? MOL!
    Glad the bed finally got back together again. Sounds like a real pain in the derriere!

    We are glad you also got some good sleep at last:) Now can you teach the petcretary how to sleep,OK? She is an insomniac and a night owl...
    ...duct tape from Alberta, OMC!! Red Green eh?! MOL, MOL!!


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