Monday 13 June 2016

Hello Tuesday!

Yes! Its Tuesday!
Mes was a little under the weather yesterday with a case of the sads. 
Today - Tuesday is my second chance at a great start. So, here is 6 things me is going to do on Tuesday to get my  groove back!
 1. Get up early and 2. Eat breakfast - yous knows how the early bird gets the worm...
Mes going to gets up early and gets THAT bird!!!

3. Get some exercise - they says even 7 minutes increases your endorphins which makes yous happier!!!
Mes going to goes for a ride on my brand new motorcycle!!!
4. Ask someone for help - Mes made it to San Francisco exercising on my motorcycle.... now where is my furrend Spitty? Does yous knows where Spitty is?
5. Say no to something - No Mommy!
No! Mommy!!!
NO!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! Mes NOT coming home!!
 Spitty and mes is having FUN!!!!
Gosh! Mes feels better all ready!!!!
6. Plan for the weekend Do I choose Man Cat 1, Man Cat 2 Man Cat 3 or .....

Tee hee!!!
Mes feel MUCH better now!!!
What does yous do to feels better?



  1. Maybe my human will take me out today - that would help us both feel better.

  2. Hope your plan works, Nellie. Can't blame you or your mom for being sad about Merlin.

  3. Oh Nellie I think you're doing a good job of chasing away the look wonderful on your pink motorcycle and I know if you look in Spitty's tunnel you will find him for some fun! If not - looks like you have three very willing candidates who would be happy to be your escort.....don't be sad dear girl - be happy - flying free is a wonderful thing. Your Merlin wants you to be happy and so do I !!

    Love, Sammy

  4. We think you have a good plan!!! We're all sad about Merlin but glad that we had the opportunity to know him and that he had such a good, long life!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. We're purring and praying for you, Miss Nellie, that your heart will feel better soon.

  6. You have a great Tuesday planned, Nellie! We love your new motorcycle!

  7. Hi there Nellie, so glad you are feeling better. No fun to have the sads. You new motorcycle is just gorgeous. Hope you find Spitty.

  8. Wow, that's a heck of a Tuesday! We are going to take advantage of the break in the heat and sit in the open door and window! It wont last as more hots are coming, but we will enjoy it while we can! We hope everything you do helps with the sads, we know they can stick around.

  9. You haz a motorcycle? Wow. But of course, the Queen can haz anything she wishes.

  10. Sweet Nellie we are so sorry that you had the sads yesterday. But we are glad that today you are filling your day with fun things to make you happy. Did you find Spitty? Hugs and nose kisses

  11. I think you have a darn good plan sweet Nellie!

  12. Nellie, I am glad you are feeling better. Please wear a helmet on your motorcycle. Brody wants to know if you can add him in as Bachelor #4? XO

  13. What a plan you have! I usually feel really good after biting one of the peeps. Pop is the best cos there's no consequences. TW will yell at me and not play with me the rest of the day.

  14. MOL...Mom said don't remind me to get up early because this morning me woke her up @ 4 for my breakfast...tee..heh

  15. I am not a true tabby, Nellie but I would be honoured to escort you wherever you might like to go.

    Gentlemanly Purrs,

  16. nellie.....

    we iz in total.... dizz bee leef........

    why dinna cha just eatz de WERM ~~~~~~~~~~


  17. I am sorry you have the sads Nellie, but you have a good plan to help you smile again. Thinking of you cheers me up.

  18. We were very sad about Merlin. We thinks you have a wonderful plan for chasing the sads away. Mommy eats chocolate when she is sads, Chimera climbs trees, Yinny cuddles, Fenris and Tuiren sit in Mommy's lap (yes even as big as he is Fenris can sit in Mommy's lap) and Socks and Yang go hunting.

  19. Oh, we left Scylla out. Scylla eats when she is sad. We are glad she is happy about us kittens coming to live here cause she has gotten her girlish figure back.

  20. Oh bootyful Nellie we's glad you's eatin' and doin' well.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  21. We are so very sorry about Merlin Nellie. We are glad that you have a good plan to make our favorite Queen happy again :) Sending you loves from our house!
    Marty and the Gang

  22. We are glad you are feeling happier!
    Usually all we need is some simple fun with the nip fix! MOL!

  23. Hehehe that's the best way to chase away the sads Nellie ,have lots of fun,xx Speedy


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