Wednesday 8 June 2016

The Campaign Goes to Virginia Beach!

This week mes is visiting our furrends at Toby's Wrecking Crew There is a bunch of cats - Toby, Simon, Bobby Sue and the new comer Peggy Sue! My good furrend  Lady Bird lived there too before she went over the bridge.

Their Mommy writes to coolest stuff. Wes really, Really, Really, enjoyed their A to Z blogging challenge when they did the Presidential pets, we learned so furry much.
They asked us if wes could put up a Smoke and Joe bs sheler because their human works at the Virginia Beach Bus Company and wes decided that  we might come to Virginia Beach and puts up a few more thing!!!

We put a billboard on the board walk

A bus shelter in front of the Long John Silver on Virginia Beach Blvd. 

And wes putted up signs along Virginia Beach Blvd too.

Mes also took some time to play the tourist! Mes gotted to sees the Cape Henry Lighthouse!
And before me left...Simon and Toby (who are the most handsome man cats)
tooked mes for a lovey seafood dinner!!!

Thanks everybody at the Wrecking Crew!!! Mes had the bestest time!!!!
And mes gotted Smoke and Joe's campaign going in Virgina Beach!!
As always, yous can find the graphics on the Smoke and Joe page!!!
Yous can find Smoke and Joe at Marg's Animals and when its time....

Don't forget to Vote

AND besides Being Campaign's

Being a most gorgeous Lilac Point Meezer, yous may admire my colors!!



  1. Awesome job, Nellie! Virginia Beach is now rockin' with that Smoek and Joe momentum!

  2. Such a busy girl! Your work on the campaign trail for Smoke an Joe is rolling along isn't it! Happy Meezer Colors day dearest girl - you are the most beautiful Lilac Point EVER!

    Hugs and Kisses, Sammy

  3. I almost forgot it was Meezer Colors Day! Good thing I'd already planned on including Boodie in my post.

  4. Wow, you all worked hard!!

    And you and your Meezer colour(s) are great!!

  5. Miss Nellie, we're so glad you came to visit us in Va Beach!! We are so happy to help with the Smoke and Joe campaign!!! We'll make sure those advertisements stay up until the election!!!! We love you!

  6. You are the bestest campaign manager ever, Nellie Bellie!! x0x0x0x

  7. Dearest Nellie, you lilac minx. You must come to Noo YawK.

  8. MeezerPurrty ... now we're off to Virginny Beach to check out all that good campaign promo stuff!
    Go Joe, Go Smoke ... ppffftt on those presumptive ones!

  9. Nellie what a great campaign badge for everyone and thank goodness Smoke and Joe are wearing theirs already so everyone will go and get badges for themselves.

  10. Happy Meezer Day! You are the reason I want my own Meezer someday. You are a gorgeous girl. It looks like you had a lot of fun on the campaign trail, I am sure Toby and family were great hosts. XO

  11. Oh my mouses you've been busy. All those signs look great! Smoke and Joe are gonna do so very well. I just know it.


  12. nellie, ewe iz de best cam pane managurz EVER !!!!!! N de signage ewe putted up rockz de houz !!! oh, anda most happee meezerz day two ewe R gorgeouz meezerz gal pal ♥♥♥

    we iz out til monday; sew heerz two a longnose lancetfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  13. Beautiful colors ! Happy Meezer Colors Day ! Purrs

  14. You are indeed very lovely. We are so glad you got to get out and spread the message.

  15. Oh boy! Smoke and Joe sure are getting around!

  16. Bravo to you beautiful Meezer Nellie!

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    1. Cat Lovers, Advertising for a store in comments is NOT allowed on this site.

  18. Nellie you do have the most beautiful furs! We know Toby and his crew and hope to be able to visit more. They sure showed you a good time and you got Smoke and Joe signs up all over. What a cat you are

  19. Nellie. Kisses to YOO! Wanna hop in the limo and we have another night on the town? We won't tell anyone. Just us two.

  20. Smoke and Joe are getting some fab advertising from you Nellie. Glad you got out to have a seafood dinner with pals

  21. Happy Belated Meezers' Day! You are one busy campaign manager. Since my candidate isn't in it anymore, I'd rather vote for Smoke and Joe than the other asses.

  22. Sounds like fun bootyful Nellie. Hope you have a great weekend.

    Luv ya'


  23. Nellie you are doing a wonderful job!And I always Admire your beautiful points and all of your loveliness,xx Speedy


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