Wednesday 29 June 2016

Smoke and Joe Thursday! This week Battle Creek, MI

Wow! This week mes going to visits Pipo, Minko and Mr. Jack Freckles in Battle Creek, MI. for the Smoke and Joe Campaign! 

 Click to go to their Blog, Meezer's Mews and Freckles

Yous knows who Smoke and Joe is..They lives with Marg and they is running for President and Vice President! (Click to go to Marg's Animals)

Now mes been furrends with Mr. Jack Freckles forever and more recently his fur siblings Pipo and Minko, but mes  had NO IDEA where Battle Creek really was. 

So, mes looked it up in Google!

They lives surrounded but Great Lakes! Mes had no idea what to expect...
Mes DID knows me would be there in the middle of the Battle Creek Field of Flight and Air Show Festival!!!

 Yous knows what that means?

Mes bringed the NEW Smoke and Joe Balloon!!!!

When mes gotted to Battle Creek, mes was meeted by Mr Jack Freckles. Pipo, Minko, the sign team and one of Foozie's Mum's Sheep! 
Yes, one of their sheep stowed away and comed to Battle Creek to helps with Smoke and Joe's Campaign!!!
Mes thinks that is TOTALLY pawsome. Especially since Sheila (the Sheep) is a ballon pilot and will bes taking the balloon everywhere!

They even was at a street pawty and telled everybody about Joe and Smoke.

They had been out and about and pretty much had the whole town blanketed in signs and that meant wes could concentrate on the Ballon Race!

Mr Jack Freckles is a pawsome pilot and his co-pilots Pipo and Minko kept mes entertained with Meezer Jokes while wes gotted ready to play Fox and Hares! Sheila the Sheep was happy to take a break and she and Smoke and Joe went off to has some grass!

In the race, wes was way ahead of everyone and guys...wes winned!!!
Another victory for Smoke and Joe!!!
Yes that picture is of the landscape around Battle Creek! Who knew they had such big cliffs!!!

Thanks guys, mes has not ever had so much fun and it was ever so wonderful to spends time with yous guys! Mes can't wait to visits again!

Whew! Mes gots to makes it home in time for 

Here is everybody who is helping Smoke and Joe get to the White House!
Marg's Animals (where Smoke and Joe lives)
Zoolatry (Ann does the bestest graphics)
and, if yous wants any or all of the campaigning gear for your blog (including Zoolatrys graphics) , check out the Smoke and Joe page in my Blog!!!

Finally we are sad we send #1 and The Poupounette all our love


  1. Whoo-Hoo! Smoke & Joe came to Battle Creek! How pawsome is that!
    We hope you got back in time to catabrate Canada Day!!
    We will be flying our own Cananda Flag...and watching lots of Balloons!! Maybe we will see our own:)

    Thanks again for putting this together and helping the Smoke & Joe Campaign get lots ofs notice and attention for the best votes!

    1. Oh dear, we didn't notice that you had lost another pal, sorry to hear that, Rest sweetly Trav.

  2. Oh Nellie another very exciting and fun campaign trip! AND you got to be in a balloon race're on the go dear girl - you need to go home now and get some rest.....Smoke and Joe must really appreciate all the campaigning you're doing for're something!

    Love and hugs, Sammy

  3. Hey, that's almost in our neck of the woods! We woulda loved to join the campaign. Did they eat any Kellogg's cereal when they were there?? :)

    1. Kitties, Look at that street scene...tat s downtown at the longest breakfast table held earlier this month...cereal from Kellogs, Post and others:) Mmmm!
      It was grrrreeaatttt!!

  4. Joe and Smoke are exhausted from all their travels, but Nellie they are having so much fun with. They also really enjoyed going off with the sheep for a little grass. We just know they will be on their way to the white house. And thanks for the graphic of Traveler.

  5. So much work all of you are doing! We hope you are getting plenty of rest and playtime along the way.

  6. Way to go Smoke and Joe! We were super sad to hear about dear Trav.

  7. That was a very exciting campaign trail trip, Nellie. I was very sad to hear about Trav too.

  8. What a fun trip ! Smoke's and Joe's campaign is so exciting !
    We were very sad to hear about Traveller.

  9. standin ovayshunz again two de best cam pane mangurrz on de planet....ever !!!!! N we iz buzzed happee nellie ya getted ta meet dawg dood & pipo & minko....they haz been R palz sinz catster dayz...circa 1837 !!! N we total lee lovez that sheila iz on bored ~~~~~~ YAY !!!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. nellie....chex yur e mail for cam pane nooze !! ♥♥♥

  10. You guys are rocking the campaign trail!
    Could you let us know if we can use your Angel Trav graphic on our blog sidebar? Our Mama had a real soft spot for Trav.

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. Yes! Please! Trav was such a furrend.

  11. Great job campaigning in Battle Creek!! We're sorry about your friend, Trav

  12. Bet you didn't know that when TW was a kid, all the cereals were made in Battle Creek, MI and that's where she had to send her box tops to get secret decoder rings and stuff. Dunno how Smoke and Joe can lose.

    1. When our petcretary was in The Netherlands a few years ago...she was eating cereal from Battle Creek!! MOL!/BOL!
      And growing up in Canada...up came from here...who knew she would one day be living there:)

  13. Happy Canada day ! The cat/dog selfie collage looks very nice !

  14. Love the balloon shot and wow, so many bloggers we know in those parts plus Lil Bub and Cole and Marmalade are nearby!

  15. Love the balloon shot and wow, so many bloggers we know in those parts plus Lil Bub and Cole and Marmalade are nearby!


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