Saturday 19 March 2016

Selfie and a Pawtrait (in the works)

Yes, Mommy is still barking like a dog! 

Speaking of is my cousin Lucky's Mommy's Birthday this week!
Mes never met Lucky...but Mommy tells mes hes cute and about the same size as Kozmo. Mes knows what he looks like though...Mommy has been painting not one, but 2 portraits of Lucky!!!

At Christmas, wes gived family 2.75"x2.75" pawtraits of their doggies, but wes did not has a picture of Lucky, so Mommy was supposed to does it after Christmas...that had not happened yet, until this week, when wes finded out it was my Auntie Jean's Birthday (Lucky's Mommy).

Mommy went into overdrive after work last night and after work this afternoon (yes Mommy had to goes down to work for half a day on Saturday!!!)
She started a 2.75"x2.75" of Lucky(the Christmas Present)

 And a 6"x6" 
 They is about 70% done. 
Mommy says they will be ready for Lucky's Mommy's Birthday tomorrow night. 
She would has worked until she finished them today, but she did not has any dark brown paint and needs some to finish. She will has to goes and gets it tomorrow morning.
Mes promises mes will post a picture of the finals.

Sunday (Tomorrow) is the fist day of SPRING!!! Mes wanted my first Spring official Selfie to has cherries blossoms in it (they is so pretty) and Mommy tooked a picture of some of the trees at work today just for mes to put behind my Spring Easy Selfie!!!
PS Speedy...the beddie yous gived mes is exactly the right shade of pink as the cherry blossoms!!! Thanks yous


  1. Nellie, you look meowvolous with those pinky trees as your background. Your mommy is so talented. We cannot wait to see the final portraits. Have a nice snoozy Sunday. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth snd Calista Jo

  2. Your human is so talented, Nellie! And I love your spring selfie!

  3. Happy Spring Beautiful Nellie! Your beddie does look purrfect! Your Mommie's art is wonderful :) Have a fabulous Easy!
    Marty and the Gang

  4. A lovely Spring Selfie, Nellie!

    And such great paintings/portraits of your doggy cousin!

  5. Nellie the cherry trees just set off your beautifulness even more than usual and makes me feel like Spring really is here! Even though we had some snow showers yesterday, seeing your pretty face this morning reminds me that beauty is where you find it and I always find it when I see you!

    Happy Sunday
    Love and Hugs, Sammy

  6. I am so happy you love your beddy Nellie and blossom trees look perfect with your photo Nellie,xx Speedy

  7. Howdy pretty Nellie, we're happy to see Spring too!

  8. LOVING your mommy's work! And you, Bestie.

  9. Your mommy;s BIRTHDAY tomorrow! OH WOW! Happy Puurthday to her in advance! And many many more.

  10. WOW! on the painting AND your spotted beddy, Nellie. The colour looks good on you :) Happy Birthday to your mommy. Hope you have a wonderful day. Triple Pawkisses for the occasion :) <3 <3 <3

  11. Lucky looks pretty cure but YOU, Nelie, are the cutest of all!

    The Chans

  12. That is a great painting. Your selfie is beautiful Nellie- every picture of you is beautiful. XO

  13. That's so awesome of Mommy to make a portrait of Lucky! She is so talented. :)

    Nellie, those cherry blossoms are almost as pretty as you! Happy Spring!

  14. Your mom is talented, Nellie, those are beautiful portraits ! You look so pretty in your bed, Nellie, very cute selfie ! Purrs

  15. Your mum is very talented with her portraits. You look lovely in the Cherry blossom.

  16. We love your selfie, Nellie! And your mom did a great job with the portraits. She's SO talented! Happy Spring!

  17. Those are really nice prezzies your Mom is painting. Lots of talent. Dad says he has trouble drawing a draft and laughed. He is an odd duck.
    I love your selfie and that bed is just your size
    Purrs from us all
    Timmy and Crew

  18. We hope your mom heals up quickly! And she has a great deal of talent.

  19. That's going to be a pawsome painting of Lucky!

    Your selfie is so wonderful...your beauty really makes the cherry blossoms look even prettier!

    The Florida Furkids

  20. Your Mom is so talented. TW can't draw a straight line. Love the heart shape in Lucky's mouth. Lovely pic of you too!


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