Wednesday 26 October 2016

Campaign Thursday! Its Slogan Time!!!

 Jingle #1

Jingle #2

Jingle #3

  Woo! Hoo!!! My job is just about over! Mes has had a GRRRReat time!

This week, mes gottes some great jingles from Da Tabbies of Trout Town and mes is bringing them too yous!
Wes is hoping to gets all the Pets to show thier Smoke and Joe Pride next  week!
Yous can checks out the Smake and Joe Campaign page on my blog if yous don't wants to makes your own.

There is loads of Gifs and badges and hats and water bottles! Yous can even posts today's gifs. All yous has to do is right click and choose Save Image as... then save them where ever yous wants before loading them onto your page.

Now yous can check out where the Donks Lives! Click on Marg's Animals Button to goes there!

The Tabbies who has been the driving force
And don't forgets Zoolatry! 
Ann is the bestest!!! With how bust wes been wes could not has done it without her!!!
(Thanks Ann!) 
Oh Yes! 
If yous wants some super coo Christmas stylings for your blog, makes sure yous contacts her NOW!!!

Halloween Kisses



  1. Those are some great slogans, Nellie! We will be voting for JOe and Smoke!

  2. Fabulous work Nellie,xx kisses xx Speedy

  3. You is the bestest Nellie, pawsome slogans
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Nellie, you've been a busy, busy girl between carving pumpkins and the campaign!

  5. Nellie, you are doing a great job promoting Joe & Smoke's campaign. We are so proud to have them as Candydates.

    And the jingles today are pawesome.

  6. I love the frog slogan.... maybe we can use it next year when we vote?... or is that too much clichè?

  7. The campaign has been super....we just know Joe and Smoke will win....they're the only good candidates!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Whoa! It's a good thing Russia doesn't know about them or no telling what leaks could come out. How about this one: Donkeys don't lie / donkeys don't cheat / Vote for Joe & Smoke / they're the ones to beat.

  9. MeOW Nellie, you are so talented and creative. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  10. All the jingles are great and I like #1 the best.

  11. OMC! These slogans are great. You've been hard at work again, Nellie. Good job!

  12. Pawsome work! We expect a big turnout at the polls.

  13. Those are fun, fun, fun pretty Nellie!

  14. We love your new graphics for Joe and Smoke! You've really out done yourself, Miss Nellie, this campaign season. I'm sure you're glad when its over so you can rest!!

  15. Wow, these graphics are wonderful Nellie. Smoke and Joe have got it in the bag as long as they don't burn up the bag.


  16. Fabulous ! Pawsome job, Nellie ! We love the graphics and the slogans ! Purrs

  17. Those were fun slogans indeed! Those Tabbies are the best!


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