Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Versatile Blogger Award - for ME!!!

My Furrends Kali and Shoko over at the Canadian Cats gived mes a call this week and asked mes out for tea in Catnip Land.

They has nominated mes for the Versatile Blogger Award!!

Mes so furry excited. 

Here are the, “Rules”;
  • show the award on your blog
See Above!
  • thank the person who has nominated you
Kali! Shoko! Yous is the bestest!!! THANKS YOUS!!!
  • share 7 facts about yourself

#1 - Mes blind in my right eye.  
Mes went blind from an ocular infection as the result of having feline herpes. Mes gotted it from my Mommy when mes was born.  5 years ago, mes had a flareup and the lesions in my eye did not respond to antibiotics. It does not bother mes.

#2 - Mes pukes almost every morning!
Mommy says mes could not shows yous a picture of my puke. So mes is showing yous me instead...
Mes pukes almost every morning, about 1 hour before Mommy's alarm goes off. Mes always pukes right beside the bed - Mommy gotted smart and puts a towel there. Mes not sick, its hairballs.

#3 - Mes does NOT like to share my litter box. 
But with 3 cats and 600 sq feet, there is not room for 3 boxes. Sometime Kozmo or the brat Jo Jo uses mine and mes gets furry upset!!! Mes merrows at them from the bed.

#4 - Mes LOVES my heating pad. 
Mes gets furry upset when Mommy forgets to puts it on in the morning. Mes gives her heck when she gets home from work.

#5 - Mes does not drink enough water. 
Mommy puts warm water in my food and when mes needed more Mommy remembered mes used to LOVES our water fall in Midway, so she gotted mes a new one. Mes LOVES it! Mes drinks lots and lots and mes drinks lots and lots!

#6 - Mes eats. 
Mommy says mes has the appetite of a horse. The bowl on the left WAS a whole can of Fancy Feast. The bowl on the right was Purina indoor cat crunchies.  (and mes poops lots too!) Mes has my own feeding station in the bedroom on the bedside table. Jo Jo and Kozmo eats on the counter by the kitchen sink and Cinnamon eats where my foods was before they came to visits.

#7 - Mes gets miffed LOTS and LOTS. 
This is my miffed look with airplane ears. If mes sees Jo Jo, If my heating pad is not on when mes wants it, if someone uses my litter box, if Mommy does not clean it right away, if Mommy won't let mes sit on her, if mes does not like my food...

  • nominate 15 blogs of your choice
Mes can't picks just 15 of yous! Mes LOVES yous all! So mes giving it to all yous my dear furrends!!!!  

Thanks so furry much Kali and Shoko! Yous knows mes loves to talks about mes!


  1. Concatulations on your award, Nellie! I'm glad you got a fountain - we love ours.

  2. Dear Nellie...WOOHOO and WELL DONE on your award.
    And I do luffs #7 photo, it reminded Mum of her cat Blue who used to just the same look! (Made Mum smile and that's always useful when you want TREATS!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princes Leah xxx

  3. I love your seven things about you! You're adorable, even when you have airplane ears!

  4. concats to your award!!! you are a little like my momma... she also has a problem with sharing the litter box... that's a challenge in howltls I tell ya... but she can't make airplane ears when she is miffed... wish she could, then me and the dad could see the signs LOL

  5. Concatulations on your award dear girl....we received it too and need to formally thank the blog that nominated us - Mom and I are lazy. HAHA You and I are a lot alike - I must have my litterbox cleaned right away or I get upset and I hork frequently. I do NOT eat well though - I used to eat a whole can of Fancy Feast EASY PEASY but these days I don't want to eat anything. Even my prescription food! I yell a lot and I didn't used to. Getting older is not a lot of fun. You are doing it GRACEFULLY and I'm kicking and screaming all the way...........

    Love and Hugs,

  6. Great award!!We love learning new things about you!

    The Florida Furkids

  7. We enjoyed reading your answers sweet Nellie and I'm glad you are drinking more water now. Congrats on the nice award!

  8. Concats Nellie!!! We know this isn't the first time you got this award, well done YOU!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. Wow! I didn't know any of these things about you, Nellie ... and I'm really glad you shared them. You are a gorgeous girl and we like your spirit and catitude. Bear had those eye infections too when he was younger ... the vet never told me they could end in blindness ... I don't know if I'm glad he didn't or not.

  10. Oh Nellie, you are soooooo bootyful. We luvved learnin' more 'bout you. And we luv your miffed look. We's gonna have to work on dat one ourselves. MOL Me doesn't really like anykitty usin' mes pawdee box either, but Raena doesn't care. She thinks mes hissin' and growlin' are me tellin' her me luvs her. Da girl's missin' a few screw or somethin'. Anyways, big hugs ti all of ya'. Have a blest day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  11. Congratulations on your well-deserve award. You are so cute Nellie. It's good you are drinking more water. M recently bought me a fountain that looks almost like the one you are using. I drink quite a bit of water too.

  12. We loved reading all that stuff about you, Nellie! We can never get enough of you.

    The Chans

  13. nellie...hay ewe gorgeouz......conga ratz two ewe on yur awardz & N joy yur tea partee.... we liked reedin yur answers N if we mite say; eat mor trout N ewe will drink mor ~~~~~ water that iz ☺☺☺

    N tell yur mom ta chex inta petro malt; hair ballz rema dee....may bee ewe will like it...tho may bee knot.... ??

  14. Concats on your award, Nellie. You have every right to be miffed about those different things. I am glad you have a good appetite. My mum says she wishes I would clear my food like you. I drink lots, but if I am indoors it has to be from the bath tap that is left slowly trickling for me. My favourite water is in the big granite bowl in the garden that catches all the rain water.

  15. Congrats on your award, Nellie. We enjoyed learning some more stuff about you. Wally could use your appetite. ;)

  16. Congratulations on your award- you deserve it. It was nice to learn more about you, but now I feel bad for your poor eye. That was nice of your Mommy to get you that nice water fountain, I am glad you are drinking lots of water because it is good for you. XO

  17. We loved learning all those things about you, Nellie. ConCATS on your awesome award!

  18. Oh Nellie, are so glad to hear all about you. You are a trouper for sure. Sorry we are late. You just can't get good help these days.

  19. Concats on your award. It's well deserved. Drinking fountains are good. I've started to use mine.

  20. Nellie concats on your award!! I loves reading about you!! Anything at all, even the bit about bomits!! The Staff took my drinking fountain away, as she said I never use it, EVER! Huh! That's all she knows!!! ;-)

  21. Oh we LOVE your miffed look! We are SO impressed. How does Mum cope with you if you are angry we would run Mellie (but make sure you had a turned on heating pad, pently of noms and a clean littte tray first ;-)

  22. and conCATs on th award. A worthy winner indeed!

  23. MOl..Nellie we loved the picture of the three of us out for tea. What fun reading all about you. Kali has some of the fetishes you have also.

    Loves ya my mentor,


  24. You are such a sweet kitty, Nellie,and we enjoyed reading about you and your sweet mannerisms.

    Concats on your award!

  25. Oh Nellie. How mom and I love you. WE do...with all our hearts. Concats on your well deserved awardie and of course, I knew all those things already. LOVE your Imperious Demeanor! YOU are THE Queen of all. XXXOOO

  26. I'm very late in commenting. But it's very nice to learn more about you. You should fuss at your mom/servant when she doesn't do as you want. You are Queen Nellie and deserve royal treatment!! A well earned and deserved award!!


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