Wednesday 21 September 2016

Week Before the Debate - Preparations

First off...wes has Zoolarty Debate Badges so yous can show your PIP Pride and let everybody knows about the Great Debate!!!

This week mes been busy, but having Kozmo here has been a HUGE help!
Hes finded the Clinton's dogs and interviewed them for poop for the debate!!!

This is Talley and below is Maisie!

 Kozmo finded out that their favorite vacation spot is the Beach! Here they is with their Pawrents!!!

They is going to votes for the Donks!!! 
(at least that is what they said to Kozmo) and they really wants to meets Smoke and Joe!!! 
Kozmo tried to finds out if the Rump had any pets...he could not find any dogs or cats...but he DID find the Squirrel that stands in for Rump's Hair!!!

Like most squirrels...he did not say much that made sense....
Meanwhile, mes visited with Hillary's Campaign Manager, Robby Mook...
He made me a balloon King Kong!!! Mes was impressed!!!

mes tried to gets in to see Kelly-Ann Conway, who is Donald's Campaign Manager, 
but she was too busy, mes did get this though...

All in all, mes gotted lots of good information for Joe to use in his debate!!!
Wes using sleep hypnosis so hes can remembers it all!!!

Mes SURE that wes going to wins now!!!

Now yous should visits Margs Animals (where the Donks Lives!!!) Please clicks on Press Secretary Mew Mew to gets there!!!

Chief Artist and Pet Pawrent to Dougie Dog (Homeland Security) and Zoey Campaign Clown and currently boarding King Kong  is Ann at Zoolatry! Please click the button below to see their post for today!!!

Then finally, yous can visits The Tabbies who keeps us going!!!


  1. Wow, Nellie. That's some team you've assembled for Joe and Smoke! How could they not win the debate?

  2. We are very excited about the debate!! Not too much longer until the election!! I'm ready to vote now!!

  3. oh no doubts that's the winner team... you have THE paw for pawlitics :o)

  4. Oh I have no doubt the DONKS shall prevail! Just look at their powerful campaign team - ROCK ON!

    Love, Sammy

  5. We sure hope the Donks win and run away with the election. They are the only ones we trust!!

  6. We are totally gonna win! Smoke 'em guys!

  7. We KNOW the Donks are going to win!! We LOVE the photo of Joe!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. We know who will win this debate...and the election...the DONKS!

  9. The donks are ready to move to the White House and we just know they are going to win. Love that picture of the donk with his head on the pillow. And all those doggies are too cute. We have such a good team, that is for sure. Hugs to Nellie.

  10. nellie......we hope thoz clinton dawgz iz tellin de trooth coz ther mom prob a blee thinkz they iz votin for her !!! another awesum week on de cam pane trail; kozmo makes a grate interview urr !! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  11. Wonderful post...there is no debating that!

  12. We look forward to the debate, Phoebe is ready to help with speeches. XO

  13. Sounds like the Donks are ready for the debate.

  14. Oh, Wowee! We giggled here...but truly maybe I, the digger doggy here should have been there too to dig out some more debateable duds, BOL! (I must have been recharging my batteries at that time...aka sleeping...Nellie, you are a senior too and I know you will furgive me...)
    Great debate it will be nonetheless! We are waiting with squirrel tails and gavels and maybe some shovels & baggies?

  15. This is gonna be one heck of a debate. Great team!


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