Friday 6 January 2017

Another Day in Prince George and The Gift - #6

Mes still at the Canadian Cats! Kali and Shoko in Prince George!
When wes gotted up in the morning, Kali's Mommy made us 
Oh Goodness, I love BACON!
So do I
Mes too!

Angel Sammy must has told her how much mes likes BACON!!!
Did Angel Sammy tell you how much Nellie likes bacon Mom?

After breakfast wes went outside to plays in the snow and 
Mes was attacked!!!! 
Mes used my stealthy and incredible ninja skills and 
Cow Kitty was out cold!
Flat on his back on the stairs!!!!

I Think you killed him!!!
When he came to, he said he saw bluebirds!!!
I saw them too!!! Where's Shoko?
I don't know, but now that mes had bacon and a good fight does yous thinks wes can goes in and have a nap?
Sure Nellie! 

 There yous is Shocko! Yous did not see mes knock Cow Kitty into the next century!!!

I was helping Mom clean up the kitchen can  you tell me all about it?

Of Course! 

First mes went this way, and then mes went that way and then mes did THIS!!!!!
Now Yous Tries Shoko!! 
Am I doing it right Nellie?
You sure is Shoko!

Nellie is Purple
Kali is Blue and 
Shoko is Red

Now here is today's gift!


  1. THat was a big punch you gave Cow Kitty

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. **excessive drooling**
    Could you please wipe my mouth ?

  4. Ooh! What a whomp! Good thing he came to, MOL! Shoko you truly have the Nellie Dance figured out.

    You are right Nellie, petcretary always tries to make her residents smile and giggle...she will often wear silly socks under her uniform...and that sure does make them laugh! Tomorrow she will have her new kitty socks on.

    Smiling really does help things go better:)

  5. ha ninja skills are the best... any leftovers from that bacon?

  6. MOL...Here's a big smile of me and Granny. You girls are the best :) Pawkisses for a Healthy Weekend :) <3

  7. The Queen ALWAYS wins! Enjoy your bacon.

  8. BACON!!! Yay! You need your bacon to keep up your strength for all that traveling dear Nellie. That's a nice pile of goodness Shoko and Kali's Mom fixed for you girls. So you gave Cow Kitty a whap huh? I hope he's alright - he might be a bit of a pest but he's cute AND visits them because I think he likes THEIR house better than HIS house! HAHA You make sure and stay warm....put that parka on when you're you don't get a chill.

    Love and Angel Kisses,

  9. What an adventure AND you had Bacon!!! Purrfect!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. That smile is just the greatest Nellie. Now that is a pile of bacon. You all enjoy. Have a super week end.

  11. Looks like lots of fun, Nellie, and that bacon??? YUM!
    Love, Sundae

  12. What an adventure!! That cow kitty sure didn't know what hit him! And Shoko is doing the Nellie dance! YAY! I blow kisses right back at you, Sweet Nellie xxxxx

  13. Nellie, you are having the BEST time there and wowzers! Did you ever send Cow Kitty to the Bluebird tweeting contest! You are ,pardon the pun, a knockout!!!
    smoochies and snuggles and then some more! Katie

  14. Nellie! you had so much fun with your friends! I hope you weren't too cold outside in the snow. I'm sure you slept a long time on on your warm bed after you came back inside. We love you Nellie so very much!

  15. Kisses back to you Nellie and your pals up north. What an experience for you to see snow. I don't like it myself, but to each his own I guess.

  16. That is why you are the Queen beautiful Nellie!

  17. Whoa! How many pounds of bacon is that? I love that the cats from Canada are visiting each other.

  18. Oh MeOWwww Nellie, sounds like you're havin' a great time. And of course lookin' bootyful da whole time. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  19. Bacon! Yum! We are sorry, our mom hasn't been blogging lately, but we are so happy to see that YOU are blogging again!
    xxxx Cattywumpus

  20. You got the moves Nellie. That bacon looks good. XO

  21. Wow, Nellie, you gave Cow Kitty the old what for! So much fun. And bacon? Woohoo! :)

    We love your gift today (And we love YOU, too)!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops, my mistake. And those three didn't leave a bit of bacon for me. Skoko & Kali's Dad.

  23. That's a great pile of bacon ! Well done, Nellie, you gave Cow Kitty a good lesson ! Purrs

  24. Cow Kitty won't mess with you again, Nellie. That is a great pile of bacon! I hardly ever get any.

  25. Hey!! Is there any of that bacon sandwich left for us?? We Canadians gotta share! Cheers Frodo, Zulu and Amarula

  26. Mew mew mew Queen nelli mee betss Cow Kitty not knowss what (or who) hit him!!! Hee drives mee Cuss-innss crazy! Fankss fur settin him strait....strait into 2018, mew mew mew....
    You GO Gurl!!!!
    Sinseerlee, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  27. Did you guys eat ALL that bacon???

  28. Wow I am so jealous - Bacon mountains in your prt of Canada eh?

  29. Thank you for linking up with the Showcase! I know the others will love you every bit as much as we do, Nellie! Thank you for always bringing a smile to our faces with your indomitable spirit!

  30. You are a NINJA Cat! I've never seen one of those.


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