Thursday 5 January 2017

The Great White North! And The Gift - Day # 5

Hi furrends! 
Mes being a furry good grrl. Mes been taking medicines and mes been getting my sleeps. 
Mes also been having a whole lot of fun!
My grrl furrends, Kali and Shoko who lives in Pincers George  picked mes up on their flying carpet to visits with them.

Where is Prince George?

Its NORTH and its in the middle of the province of British Columbia. Mes glad mes going by flying carpet, it takes less than half a hour. Flying in a plane takes a hour and a quarter and driving takes FOREVER!! Mommy has been there a couple of times, but mes has never been up there. 

What a exciting ride! Mes saw snow and wolves and mooses.
And when Mes gotten there.....well yous should goes to Kali and Shoko's  blog and find out!

Now here is today's gift!!!
Gift #5The 


  1. Replies
    1. Summer, your mom would be more than welcome to join us....sorry no flying carpet. MOL

      Shoko and kali

  2. Oh how exciting, your very own MAGIC flying carpet!!! Cool!!
    I'm flying over to Kali and Shoko's place to see what you got up to...
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. oh have tons of fun with the girls... and watch out for cow kitty he is special :o) and wear a safety belt on that flying carpet :o)

  4. Lucky you getting to visit Kali and SHoko! Stay warm! I hope you get to meet Cow Kitty....he's a cutie. I also totally agree with today's "GIFT"...we kitties know how to live IN THE MOMENT. We don't worry....we just keep going until we can't. It's all about NOW!

    Love and Big Hugs, Angel Sammy

  5. How exciting, Nellie! Thank goodness for that flying carpet. And we think you're exactly right about kitties not having that "things that can go wrong" file. That's the way it should be (but it isn't that way for those hoomans that love us so much!)
    Love, Sundae

  6. We're glad you're taking your medicine and getting rest! Enjoy your fun time with Kali and Shoko!!! Mom wishes she DIDN'T have that file in her head.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. How Exciting Nellie,a visit to the Canadians is bound to be fun,xx Kisses xx Speedy

  8. Here is a kiss right straight back to you Nellie Bellie. I love the idea of a cuddle there with you, me, Austin and Flynn as soon as you get home. That will be one heckuva great warm cuddlepile. Peeps will be able to hear the purring from a block away! XXXOOO Your best furriend evah.

  9. How exciting ! Your flying carpet sounds as magical as a teleportation tunnel ! Have fun with Shoko and Kali ! Purrs

  10. jWhat a trip pretty Nellie! Kisses and hugs from all of us!

  11. We're glad you're taking care of yourself, Nellie. And we love the meme. So true, Bear Cat DEFINITELY never conceives of what could go wrong ... I guess that's just the job of us Moms :)

  12. That sounds like a huge adventure, Nellie! Mum says she never went that far north when she was in BC! I am so glad you are feeling a bit better sweetie! I am ready for snuggles. Me, Katie and Flynn will be there waiting when you return!! ❤️❤️❤️

  13. That magic carpet really cuts the travel time down! we want one for Mom so she can go visit family and be back the same day!

  14. What a fun trip that looks like! If you flew the opposite direction, you'd fly over our house, which just happens to look a bit like the smaller great white north this weekend!

  15. Wow, that IS way up north! What a fun time, Nellie!

  16. nellie...cow kitty dinna meen ta hit de carpit...him waz aimin ata bass terd turkee....we iz buzzed happee ya had such a grate time.....St francis haz all reddy been asked N we will keep doin sew N heerz two an atlantic silverside kinda week oh end ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  17. I am glad you are having a great time with Kali and Shoko. I'll be waiting for you when yo get back.❤️

  18. Oh Nellie, fanks fur da map. We had no idea where all dat was. We just knew they and you were way up North from us. Sendin' purrayers and hugs.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  19. I am glad you have a flying carpet to take fast trips. I am glad you are taking your medicine. Make sure you stay nice and warm too. XO

  20. Wow..we sure wish we had a magic carpet, is that a kitty thing?? It looks like you had a blast in Northy North BC!
    Keep living each day to the fullest sweet girl!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  21. what a great voyage! I used to live in Victoria BC --though I am in Ontario now I think BC is the best province !! As to your gift-- I would agree that most cats don't have a file of everything that could go wrong --except Zulu! He can be a very nervous-if handsome little guy! ----

    1. Wes lived ALL OVER BC and Alberta but never in Ontario. But Daddy is from there!

  22. We have not been anywhere near that far north in BC...and petcretary not either, MOL!
    Its a good thing us kitties live one moment at a time...its the peeps that get ulcers and hypertension and anxiety issues...

    You must have had quite the fun trip on a magic carpet! Was it a purrvate helicopter??

    In Ontario petcretary has been quite far north, and also in Nova Scotia. In Michigan where she lives now we also have a north part, called the upper that is a cold part of our state...Brrr! Right now we are at would need a parka here right now, too, Nellie!

  23. Whoa! I want to ride a magic carpet too!

  24. Prince George sounds great, Nellie! And on a magic carpet, nonetheless! :)

    Hugs to you and Mommy!

  25. Wow! I would love to go on a magic carpet ride with you anywhere!!


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