Saturday 8 April 2017

Easy Selfie Sunday

It is STILL raining! 
Mes is getting pretty tired of the rain. Mommy, does mes has mushrooms growing on mes? 

No Mushrooms!?!?
Mes has been binge watching on Netflix! 
What yous asks 
Midsomer Murders.
They talks funny on that show!

Yous wants mes to takes my selfie? Mes awful tired, but OK.

Now mes wants to gets back to Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby solving crime.
What does yous  does on rainy Sundays?

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  1. I do the same, sweet Nellie...watching bird tv until I feel completely jaded...MOL :D We love your Selfies, it doesn't even show your tiredness. We also love your header...very much. It's very musing <3 Pawkisses for a Sunny Sunday :) <3

  2. Nellie you spend a rainy day like we do!!!! DCI Barnaby is the #1 for bad weather... we totally love it... and that DCI Barnaby can be very glad the we watch und try to solve the crime when he is clueless, right?

  3. Nellie, my human looks at the weather report in your area almost every day, and all she sees is rain! It is almost as consistent as the sun down here! It could be worse, you know - it could be snow every day! And even though you had more of that than normal this past winter, it's still not as bad as most places.

  4. Nellie, dear, you look radiant in your 'in between episode' selfie. I hope you got to see the end of that Midsummer Murders they are such fun.There are so many and so long, that if we had TV, which we don't, it would be one of our favourites, which is handy as it rains almost every day in the UK!
    Purrs, ERin

  5. You are so silly. Your Mommy would never let you get rained on.

  6. Nellie I'm sure pesky mushrooms won't grow on you but if they did - I bet they would be BEAUTIFUL mushrooms just like you!!! Seriously though, we love Midsommer Murders here in my house too - I always visit my Mom and Teddy when that's on their TV so we can watch it together. I have good reception from my cloud (!) but prefurrr to be with my family for favorite programs! Sending you big hugs....

    Love, Angel Sammy

  7. Hi, Sweet Nellie - hope you have some sunshine soon! We all need sunpuddles.
    Love, Sundae & Gypsy

  8. Very pretty selfie, Nellie. Thanks for taking time away from Midsomer Murders to snap it for us. I like that show too, and I know it's hard to stop watching!

  9. Binge watching can be fun!!! We love your selfies....we want to smooch you right on your adorable nose! We love you!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. Oh, Nellie, we are sorry it's been so rainy there. Binge watching Netflix with Mommy sounds like a good consolation, though. We hope you get lots of snuggles and stuff until the sunshine comes out again. Hugs!

  11. Awww Dearest Nellie you looks Amazing today and everyday!I wish I could send you some sunshine to brighten your day.On rainy days I snuggle up with mummy watch some TV and snooze a lot,big kisses,xx Speedy

  12. Rainy days can be nice too. Purrfect for snuggling up with your human!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  13. I am glad there are no mushrooms on you, Nellie. Midsomer Murders talk with a Westcountry accent a lot like my mum and dad.
    Your tired selfie is very sweet. I was too tired to take any selfies. I am getting very tired and weary now.

    1. Mes too Flynn...Mes too.
      Let us dream of when wes was young and caught as many mice as wes could and frolicked just for the fun of frolicking!!!
      Mes loves yous too bits and sends yous MANY kisses
      Yopur Nellie Bellie

  14. We're sorry you got so much rain, but what a relief to see that you don't have any mushroom on you ! What a sweet selfie ! Purrs

  15. How sweet you look. I always think of rain as a wonderful excuse to say in, cuddle under the blankets and nap. If you're feeling sleepy, this could be just what you need, dear one.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  16. No mushrooms on you. You are so beautiful Nellie. Enjoy your detective show. XO

  17. That's a very cute selfie, Nellie. We sure hope your rain stops. We don't want no mushrooms growing on you.

  18. Aren't British mysteries fun? The rain was incessant here this week too, but the sun has finally arrived and we're hoping it sticks around for a good long time!

  19. That is a mist beautiful selfie dear Nellie!

  20. You are most beauteous and loverly, Nellie. I like to curl up in my igloo until TW wants to play with me.

  21. Nellie sweetie, you are such a cutie petutie!!!! (Oh, the Petutie thing was M's idea - I wouldn't come up with something as dumb as that). Anyway, that selfie really shows off your beauty.

  22. Nellie I LOVE your bed! It's so pretty and purrfect for a Queen like you! catchatwithcarenandcody

  23. We have had a lot of sunshine and wind, but may get rain the next three days! We hope you get sunshine soon

  24. Beautiful as always Sweet Nellie. We had a teaser of sun this weekend, but back to rain tonight they say. Hope the sun comes and kisses you soon.

  25. We had oodles of tankfuls of rain the past week, but yesterday and today the sun was making lovely warm sunpuddles for us. Come and visit, you will love the burd TV we have too.

    And befur we are most beauteous!

  26. Have you tried 'Death in Paradise' Nellie?
    Thats the one I luffs to watch
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  27. I'd like to crawl in there wif you. XXOO

  28. Nellie, you look so comfy and adorable in your beddy. Mom and Dad have never binged watch anything, even on rainy days. We have never heard of this show. Is it a good one. Take good care of yourself, beautiful. Sending lots of love and purrs. Thanks for being a faithful hopper. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


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