Friday, 28 April 2017

Special Graphics and Posts about Nellie Part 1

It has been 2 weeks. I know I should have done more than just post buttons on my sidebar, and thank people and pets individually, but I could not.
I would cry.
As there are so many people (and cats and dogs and bunnies) to Thank, I have split this into 2 posts.

Thank You Ann

First was the beautiful badge that Ann at Zoolaty made.
 Ann does so very much for the pet blogosphere. She has done this since I started blogging in 2009 (She started in 2007!). She says she suffers from OCCDPSD (an acronym for obsessive compulsive cat dog photoshop disorder)...  Last spring, Nellie was the Campaign Manager for Smoke and Joe's run for the Presidency and Vice Presidency, and without her help and her spectacular graphics it would have been nowhere near as successful (or as fun!).

Thank You Meezer's Mews and Freckles Woofs

Next is the the Petcretary at Meezer's Mews and Freckles Woofs (Pipo, Minko and Mr Jack Freckle) made us a gorgeous card!

 She also made and posted cards for Snowie and Humphrey at Bionic Basil's and for Dory at Dory's Back yard.  Nellie has "visited" them and we love them to bits. I always so look forward to their comments. They are always so much fon to read.

Thank You Speedy

Then there is Speedy and his Mum!

Speedy and Nellie had a wonderful (and long) cross species love affair. Since he first started blogging, Nellie and Speedy have been on dates, danced and gone pirating.  They visited back and forth and Nellie spent a lot of time with Speedy just before Easter.

On this POST Nellie Queen of Heaven Speedy did a tribute to his grrl furrend! 
(It still makes me weep).
Speedy (and Mom Rachel) I am so proud to have you as a friend. 

Thank You Kali Shoko and Peeps!

Our fellow Canadians the Canadian Cats Meezers at Large - Kali and Shoko are great friends, as are their pawrents Jean and Bill.

Besides being blogging buddies, they (Jean and Bill) have actually come to Nellie's Castle and visited with the Queen. As a matter of fact, they visited 2 days before Nellie went over the bridge and took Nellie's last picture.
Jean and Nellie on a previous visit)
Kali and Shoko wrote a lovely post of their visits with Nellie and the antics they got into. I always looked forward to collaborating with them. Jean has a wicked sense of humor and such brilliant ideas! I can't wait to visit them in Prince George!

Thank You Caren and Cody

Nellie's first blogging friend was Caren and Cody. They were one of the first pet blogs to post on the Cat From Hell and Cody and Nellie were best buddies.
Cody was the FIRST for many things that Nellie did on her blog. He was the first she "visited", the first she danced with, the first place she went when she "ran away" when Jo Jo came to live with us and when she got sick and could not party this past New Year's Eve, she invited Cody over for a quiet "party" (OK he was her Cabana boy, decked out in a Lei...)
Caren's poignant post on April 16 so moved me, I could not write a response for a couple of days after. Every time I read the words and looked at the pictures, I cried, I still do....
Caren I send you virtual hugs and someday I hope, real ones.

Thank You Toby's Wrecking Crew

I first discovered this blog when LadyBird was the Queen Bee! Nellie and Lady Bird had a few adventures.

After Lady Bird went over the bridge, Toby and Nellie had great fun together. 
They put together a wonderful tribute post and have a slideshow of their Memories with Nellie (as well as one of Sammy Kimmel too) on their sidebar. 
They also sent this LOVELY graphic! 
I am so honored to count Sabina as one of my blogging friends.



  1. We are so very proud to call you a friend too.And to share so many fond memories of Speedy and Nellie and their Special love affair has been such an Honor and we still weep too,We love you to bits Barbs,hugs and speedy snuggles,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. This post made all three of us cry. We wish we knew Nellie better. We haven't been around all that long and we're still meeting people. The short time we knew her she definitely made an impression on us.

  3. Purrs to you... grief takes its own time to work its way through and I'm sure everybody understood this.

  4. Oh my, we understand. Just seeing that beautiful Nellie made me all weepy. Hugs Barb.

  5. Barb, It is so lovely to see all the tributes and cards and love for you and Nellie! The Staff and I are still working on ours. It could take a bit of time, but Nellie, you are sure worth it, Sweetheart! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Such a beautiful post in darling Nellie's memory, it made me cry again. She was and always will be loved by so many and it shows in the lovely cards and tributes for her.
    They say time heals, but more like it deadens the pain. We never get over those that we love so much, be they animal or human.

  7. That was a lovely trip down memory lane. We came in to the second blog of Nellie's, so we missed a lot of stuff.

  8. I love Nellie and you with all my heart. I am so glad these friends found unique and very loving ways to show their love for the two of you too. Thank you for sharing the expressions of love with us. Peace be with you. xxx

  9. Nellie has touched so many special blogging friends and created so many wonderful memories to share. Leaky eyes here from all the luvs and beatiful memorial posts.

  10. Your Nellie was a special friend... she found the way to the heart of so many peeps and pets.... my tears are running like the niagara falls, but it's great to watch the pictures and to remember the fabulous Queen Penelope of Catnada...

  11. Nellie was an amazing girl and you shared her so generously with all of us, so we all felt that we lost a little piece of our heart when she left.

  12. Barb never was a cat so universally loved as your Nellie....or should I say "our" Nellie because she was such a big part of all our lives and we all miss her so much! Every time I tried to do a special graphic I couldn't see through my tears but all of these you received are just beautiful. Life goes on - memories are forever - but it just doesn't seem RIGHT without knowing she's in her "nest" on your bed. We all love you and know how hard it is to move through these first weeks........Teddy and I send you a big hug because we love you AND because we know that Angel Sammy would want us to!!

    Love, Pam and Ted

  13. What a beautiful and lasting tribute to a wonderful gal. Who couldn't love that beautiful girl! Bless you for sharing her with us and not keeping her all for yourself. M sends you big HUGS and I'm sending Nellie a big Mairo SMOOFH!

  14. What a pawsum posty. Raena had so wanted Nellie to come to her furst birthday pawrty. She wanted to ask Nellie how to handle all the boys. MOL Me thinks Raena's gonna try to play the field like Nellie did. We always luv seein' gawjus Nellie, and will hold her in our hearts furever. We hope to have a bright future with you too awnty Barb. And don't worry 'bout what you think others think you shoulda done. Mommy took a whole week off and did nuffin' after sis Lexi left us. Today woulda been her birthday, and it still makes mommy cry. You take all da time you need. We're gonna always be here fur ya'. Big hugs and purrayers comin' your way.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  15. Nellie was one of a kind. Who wouldn't love her and admire her beauty and her spunk? We get all teary every time we see posts with her photo but we're so glad that you shared her with us and will cherish her memory forever!

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  16. Nellie was such a special ladycat, and grief is so purrsonal. Take the time you need, we understand, and we'll be there for you. Purrs and hugs

  17. Ohhhhhh now you have made ME cry!!!!!! I am so deeply, deeply touched by your comment. I so wish Nellie were still with all of us. I also echo your sentiment that I pray that one day we will (((hug))) in person. We MUST I am certain we would have a wonderful time and laugh and talk non-stop. THANK YOU for being such trusted and wonderful friends. WE LOVE YOU! xoxo (((hugs))) catchatwithcarenandcody

  18. Those are some wonderful tributes. Nellie made a lot of special friends who loved her a great deal.

  19. This was such a beautiful post thank you very much for sharing. We started blogging in 2011 and remember Nellie being just about everywhere we looked. Thank you for the fun and love you have shown to so many.
    Sending Purrs and Prayers of support
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  20. I'm sure it's just raw emotion that you feel when you see all the expressions of love and sympathy for your sweet Nellie. Keeping you close in thought.

  21. We know how hard it is to breathe after the loss of a beloved pet. Continued hugs. Know we are thinking of you.

  22. What beautiful tributes to Nellie. She was loved by everybuddy and will be missed by us all. Sending you comforting purrs and gentle headbutts...we know the grief you feel.

  23. Beautiful post, Nellie was loved by all- and so are you. XO

  24. We have only known Nellie since sometime in 2014, and it seems like right away we knew her forevfur. She and you, Barb, her Mom were so furendly to us as newcomers.
    We feel honored to have gotten to know her just a wee bit...but we will miss her as much as anyone who was part of her world.

    Sending hugs, purrs and love.
    ((((( ♥ )))))

  25. We love these special graphics and posts about Nellie. They are an everlasting tribute to our beloved friend who lives on forever in our hearts. Love and hugs to you, Barb,

  26. We are not brilliant at graphics, but we wish we had something to help us say thank you to Nellie for brightening our lives - we have Anne's wonderful graphic. She is a wonder at capturing the gentle farewell for every animal adn says it better than we ever could.

    You are doing more than fine with the graphics, and the thank yous. Please don't stress. Nellie is remembered by so many with a smile and such love and joy - how lovely is that.

    Dash didn't know Nellie very well, for which I am really sorry, but I got to know her and the impression she made on others. Everyone was touched by Nellie :-)

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Cats

  27. Seeing all these expressions of love for Nellie is what our community is all about. Sending hugs xox

  28. This was most beautifully done, Barb. There have been so many wonderful tributes to the Queen. She was loved by everyone and will remain always in our hearts. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy and Mom Janet

  29. barb; nellie left a mark that can not be erased ; the graphics everyone did are beautiful and you know nellie sayz...mes loves em N ewe all az well; and most lee... ewe mom....for ever and all wayz !!!!! ♥♥♥♥


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